Snot Watch: Day Two.

Today I mastered my technique of throwing tissues into the bin. I have found aiming at the wall and rebounding means they actually make it in. Score.

A cough seems to be developing, but my face seems to feel less like it has been hit by a truck and more that a kid shoved a marshmallow up my nose. I guess you win some and lose some.

In battling the marshmallow blocked nose I have devoured the rest of Pretty Little Liars. Unfortunately now I have to wait until around January to see the rest. In typical TV style, they left me hanging. Well played. There is a special Halloween episode to look forward to though. Needless to say, I will quiver in anticipation.

Now I want marshmallows. Perhaps I need to send Man Piece out on a run to find me some, I am after all sick and he should be catering to my every whim. (So if you’re reading this over my shoulder, I want marshmallows, goddamnit! Can you please go get me some from the dairy?)

Even in Day Two of the lurgy, I managed to get my brain to sufficiently clear enough to do three, YES THREE, job applications. Ok so technically, two of the jobs were with the same company and they were pretty much the same except in different areas, so I was able to use the same cover letter with a few minor changes. They had used the exact same job description, why can’t I use the same cover letter? Wrong or not? In the amount of cover letters I have written this year (100+), I don’t really care. They probably all end up the same anyway with that amount of repetition.

Man Piece has just informed me that he will not go and get me marshmallows. I even gave him kissy face, but he just said no and meowed at me. Damn. Although he has just brought in chocolate, not sure if that will satisfy the craving for marshmallows or just enhance it. It IS rocky road. So maybe.

He seems pretty hard to convince of things. He seemed to think that I was going to be making dinner tonight – vegetarian burgers – but after a lot of debate, I managed to convince him that me in the kitchen with the plague would be a very bad idea and he made dinner. Tofu noodles to be exact. They were rather hot and I was a bit dubious about them. I mean, c’mon – tofu?! It is NOTHING like chicken. But in the end, I didn’t have to cook dinner. Win.

That’s probably about all from Snot Watch: Day Two. Miracle cure seems to be working. As it is relieving the body pain and fever, but doesn’t really affect the amount of snot coming out of my nose. That is still coming like a leaking tap.

Next time on Snot Watch: Coughing – how much lung can you cough up before you actually stop breathing?