What’s in a handbag?

Throughout my life many bags have come and gone. Totes, shoulder bags, cross body bags, backpacks… all sorts. You name it and I have probably had one and subsequently gotten rid of them (mostly).

I have searched tirelessly for the bag to end the search. The one which would keep me happy, would carry everything I desired and most of all would not break. Especially the not breaking part.

I thought I had found that one bag. I lusted after it for months. I had almost given up all hope of owning it. But then, one magical day, it was mine. I see it lasting many years and being with me through tough times. Only when the last stitch finally gives way and the pieces fall to the ground while I weep over it as my lipstick rolls into the gutter will be the day I stop using it. Even after a year of service it is still going strong and I love it just as much as the day I bought it, which is quite unusual for me and handbags. I tire of them quickly and discard them while already having moved on to the next.

I featured it in last week’s Aussie Curves Leather post, but here it is when it was all brand new and shiny.


But yet… my handbag desire is not easily satiated.

I am lusting after something new. Something which, once again, I may not be able to get. The reason is purely because, although this Coach Legacy Duffle is fantastic, it can be a tad on the small side occasionally. And on those occasions, I would like something bigger and, well, blacker. Let’s be honest, Tourmaline is not exactly the most subtle colour.

Now, the problem I face is finding one that will meet the same standard of my duffle. Once you go leather and designer, you never go back.

I am currently eyeing up a few options from Coach, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade.

The XL Borough Bag in Edgeplaint Leather is a new release from Coach. I am in love with it. Unfortunately I am not in love with the colour. If only it came in black, I would jump on this. (There are other sizes in the Borough Bag, so I could potentially look at those, as this one is actually quite large.)


Coach Maddison East/West Tote in Saffiano Leather:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.15.48 PM

The Big Big Apple from Marc Jacobs has me on the fence. In theory it meets what I am after, but I don’t think it is quite tall enough for me.


Kate Spade is definitely out in front with the Cedar Street Perforated Small Harmony:


And the Cedar Street Medium Harmony:


In perusing Kate Spade, I came across Word To The Wise Medium Bella Wristlet:


Although not technically a handbag (or black) I still want it. It is just fabulous. And if you’re not a fan of the wristlet, then there is also:


Eat Cake For Breakfast Laptop Sleeve | iPhone 5 Case | Francis Baby Bag

I want them all. (Yes I am aware the last one is a baby bag. I don’t care. Imagine how much stuff you could fit in it?! Helloooo camera bag!)

The Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony and the Coach Maddison East/West Tote are definitely out in front to win a place in my wardrobe. As for all of the Eat Cake for Breakfast stuff? Shut up and take my money.

What are your favourites?