It’s the start of something new.


So I haven’t posted an ‘On The Web’ post in the last few weeks. I kind of got interrupted by my trip to Wellington and then just stopped doing them. Anyway, I’m wanting to change the posts up a bit, but still do them. I’m aiming to give them a bit of structure each week instead of just articles I have read and cover a few main categories.

The categories I’m wanting to do each week – and these are hopefully going to broaden my horizons a little – are:

Favourite Buzz – I love Buzzfeed and I could spend hours reading the articles. So instead of having an entire post of articles from the site, I am going to choose one. It’s going to be hard, but I’m up for the challenge.

Favourite Image – I love photography. People take some amazing photos and I’m hoping that I will find one incredible image a week. They may in majority come from Instagram, of which I am not ashamed to admit, because it is such a great image app.

Interesting Article/Blog – This will be a bit more in-depth. Either a great blog I have read or a feature article. Something that might make people think.

Fashion Love – This is a fairly vast topic. It could either be an item I have seen on the web, or a blog from one of the many fashion bloggers I follow. But it will be fashion related. Cause fashion is awesome.

Grabby hands – This, as it suggests, is something that I want. When I covet something I usually say or make the grabby hands (pincer motions, ok, basically I look like a crab when I do them).

Video – I tossed up about whether to include this one, but the fact is I do watch a lot of music videos and movie trailers each week.

And so, on to this week’s lot!

favourite buzz

Ok, so I know I said I was going to choose one, but I have been a bit busy in the past week and have been creating a few Buzzfeed articles myself. So how can I choose just one of my precious articles to feature here? Well, I can’t. I promise next week it will just be one. Promise.

A Day In The Life Of A Journalist As Told By Cats
22 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Sweaters On Instagram
12 Reasons Koalas Need To Stick Around

favourite image

Has to be this one by @muoga on Instagram of the Cahuachi pyramid temple. Just amazing.


interesting article

This article from Daily Life basically summarises how I feel about diets and weight loss regimes. I’ve given up on them and I couldn’t be happier. It is about just about being healthy and happiness is a part of that.

It is an open letter from a former weight loss consultant to her clients apologising for, essentially, doing her job. I particularly love the quote at the end, “Just eat food. Eat real food, be active, and live your life. Forget all the diet and weight loss nonsense. It’s really just that. Nonsense.”

fashion love

This one has to go to Demi Lovato this week. I copied her style for Aussie Curves – Celebrity Copy Cat because I am loving her style right now. It is definitely to my tastes and I think I might have to copy some more of her outfits.


grabby hands

I really want this dress from City Chic and I know when I go to try it on – because I will – that if it does not fit I am going to bawl my eyes out in the changing rooms. I also have a $30 voucher to spend and I’m hopeful that this week is the week that the new Pitt St store opens. Saturday means shopping!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.50.23 PM


This week is very Demi Lovato driven, I have to say. But in finding the Aussie Curves inspiration, I came across a few live performances she did for The Grammys. Just stripped down amazingness. There are three performances and a short interview in this playlist. Enjoy.

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