I wanted to be many things when I grew up.

A baker, an architect, a photographer, a writer, a lawyer, a geologist… name it and I probably wanted to be it. This is really just a round-a-bout way of saying that I have many, many interests and that my blog changes with my life. It started life as a baking blog while at university and evolved into a personal blog following my day-to-day life while I was unemployed, but now it is a little bit of everything, including my love of fashion.

Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 27, a journalist/writer, and a shopaholic.

I love fashion. In fact, it has become a bit of an unhealthy obsession really. I didn’t used to be like this, I swear. When looking at the pages of magazines or watching people get dressed up all fancy with make-up and heels on, I never for one second thought that would be me, that I would be wanting to do that. I was a jeans and t-shirt girl (or board shorts *shock horror* for pretty much my entire youth. It wasn’t until a few years ago that my wardrobe and my fashion sense have  suddenly blossomed magnificently. I am still very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but my jeans and my t-shirts are so much more fabulous now.

I also dabble in a bit of photography and love to whip up a batch of cupcakes or even a cheesecake. I’m always the first to offer my baking services when events arise or just for the hell of it. Recipes of delicious things can be found in my Recipe Index.

I’m originally from New Zealand, but I spent a bit of time living in Sydney. Fun fact: I had never been to Sydney until I decided to move here. That was a bit of roller coaster ride. But I did it all with my Man Piece.

He will only ever be referred to on here as my Man Piece. (Be thankful I didn’t go for the pet name of Meat Puppet *hat tip Supernatural*.)

We are going to get married at some point. You can read about our engagement here and you can follow my Pinterest wedding inspiration board here.

We haven’t set a date yet. There was a time when we were going to get married on May 4, 2013, (it fell on a Saturday and because we are both geeks) but then we decided to put all that on hold and jump the ditch. There is a plan at some point to set a date and start planning. Or more just booking everything. Of course I have it all planned already.

We have since returned to New Zealand and are looking to buy a house in Wellington, so picking a date might happen sooner rather than later. Who knows though. Neither of us think finally tying the knot will change anything.

I am a huge fan of many TV shows and I have a weekly list of things to watch. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly outraged about an episode or how a season is going, I will blog about it. I also love my movies and books. I even set myself a challenge to read “70 or 80” books this year, but so far I’m falling short. You can see what books I’m planning to read and which ones I have read on my Book Index.

When I do finally grow up, I hope to write a few novels. I already dabble a little bit in fiction writing – you can find some of my stuff over at the Short Stories Club.

So have a look around. Interesting posts include my Aussie Curves posts – a weekly blogging challenge with set themes – and my On The Web posts where I detail a few of my favourite things in the last week, consisting of Favourite Buzz, Favourite Image, Interesting Article, Fashion Love, Grabby Hands and Video.

If you want to contact me about anything, head on over to my contacts page to see where you can find me.