A whole lotta nothin’

Oh hai!

I feel like I haven’t done a post in ages, but it’s only been six days. I guess I’ve just done a lot, or it seems like it.

I’m back in Hell. It sucks. So I’m trying to keep myself super busy and to basically not stop for even a minute.

Which means I’ve gotten a bit done in the two-and-a-half days I’ve been back.

But first, before I even left Wellington I applied for a couple more jobs. Slow and steady. I do have a few to do, so I might concentrate on them tomorrow.

I’ve been really making a go of trying to do my photography modules, but when the one you’re working on is about exposure and you need a clear day or an overcast day and the weather doesn’t want to play ball, it’s kind of difficult.

Oh well. I think I have managed to semi-succeed in doing this module. I just need to write it up and hopefully if it is a sunny day tomorrow, have a bit more of a play around with my camera.

I’ve had a bit more of a clean out and this time I’ve been a bit more brutal, but I also discovered a few gems.

Just going through my wardrobe, I was just seeing clothes and wondering, ‘Why the hell do I have this in my wardrobe?’ and decided to get rid of it. So I’ve got some clothes to go to charity and a few pieces to take into Recycle Boutique.

But in the clean out, I found a few things I had kind of forgotten about because I didn’t think they would fit me anymore. Turns out I was wrong.


So I’ve rediscovered a few jackets, more blazer like, that I could wear over black dresses (which I have a few of) for work etc. They will just kind of joosh them up a bit.

Also rediscovered a pair of jeans. They *technically* don’t fit – basically I can’t do them up. But they fit my legs and bum exceptionally well. They are actually quite comfortable. For most people this might be a sign not to wear the jeans, but this is the problem that I have with pants ALL THE TIME.

If I can find a pair to actually do up around my stomach, they are massive around my thighs and bum and look really weird. Almost like I’m wearing a circus tent of sorts. So what I have done with these pants is to wear them with a belt and a long, baggy-ish top. Nobody can tell. And they actually look better than a pair that I already wear.

Goddamn clothes. Goddamn body shape being an apple.

I baked some delicious cupcakes today – lemon meringue. So tasty. And being the fatty that I am, ate the left over meringue like it was cake. (If I carry on like this my body shape will remain an apple #neverendingcycle)

Last time I made them I didn’t beat the meringue enough and it kind of started to collapse and you could see the sugar crystals. This time I beat it and beat it and beat it. I could not beat it anymore. It didn’t seem to be making any difference. But it was delicious and thick and sweet.

But it kind of weirded me out for a bit that it was actually the egg white, or albumen – it protects the yolk but is supposed to provide nutrition for the growth of the embryo. IT’S THE STUFF AROUND THE BABY CHICKEN.

Um… ew. It made me want to vom a little. Why do we use this in baking again? But it can taste so good…

I have digressed…

I think I might head to bed and read a bit of Twitterature.

Oh, and I got Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows on DVD today. #squeeee