Snot Watch: Day Three.

I have developed one of those hacking what-organs-are-going-to-come-up coughs.

My ears have decided to block so that everything sounds dull.

I’ve also gone through an entire box of tissues and started on the next. The snot monster lives on.

Miracle cure now stings as it goes down due to coughed raw throat. Fun times.

Spent the day on the couch again, it seems the best place until this is over. Watched The Proposal and tried to watch TV I had missed, like Chuck and Supernatural, but it would appear that neither aired this week. Guts.

A few weeks ago I decided to join an orchestra. It’s only for a short time and I’ve been wanting to get back into playing my flute a bit. So rehearsals for the Bloody Broadway show start tomorrow – it’s a Halloween thing and if you’re in Wellington, I expect to see you there. Today I pulled out my flute and had a wee tinker and play with a few pieces I had been sent. Majority of it seems ok and I should be able to pick it up fairly quickly once we get going. However I did have to look up some fingering combinations. Obviously not playing properly for about five years has that affect.

Went out for dinner tonight to Satay Kampong and then to the supermarket. As we were entering I saw Heather Du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper exiting. I started to fan-girl.

Such a n00b.

However the walk back from the supermarket to the flat just about killed me. I was coughing, barely able to breathe and a couple times thought I was going to collapse. It’s safe to say I probably lost a lung at some point. It was probably about this time that I wished I could either die or just to be rid of this cold/flu, whatever it is. With all the technology and medical advances we have had, why haven’t we come up with a cure for the common cold? Should have been the first thing they did. But I got up that blasted hill, showered, contemplated why the hand basin is in the shape of a kidney and am now safely tucked into a warm bed.

And I forgot to get marshmallows at the supermarket. Damn.