Five years

Jethro and I on our first Valentine's Day.

Jethro and I on our first Valentine’s Day.

I was sitting on the couch at Jethro’s flat in Wellington, watching something on TV. It was a Saturday night. I think we’d just finished dinner. We were still in the phase of getting to know each other – we’d been ‘official’ for just under a month.

My phone rang. It was mum. I picked it up. She immediately asked if Jethro was there with me. Yes, I said. Why? I could hear something in her voice. I asked what’s wrong?

She replied, “Granddad’s dead.”

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Peek inside my house: The lounge

Four months ago, Man Piece and I took possession of our very own house. It’s a classic California bungalow and I absolutely adore it.

As we had moved back from Australia, we had no furniture so had to buy all new stuff to fill, what felt like at the time, the monstrous house.

ICYMI: We bought a house and now we have to fill it

But in the four months that we have been here it has started to feel like home (and a lot smaller than we originally thought, but still massive). Especially when you can bash holes in the walls and rip out that tree you don’t like. All a part of making it our own.

The part I was particularly keen on was filling it with furniture. Finally, all those hours spent on Pinterest and watching The Block were about to pay off.

So in the first of a series of posts to show you our new abode, I have taken a few photos to show you how we have filled our lounge. I’m still not completely happy with it, but in time it will get there.


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Look at all the f!?ks I give.

I don’t know whether to jump up and down or cry right now. I have so many mixed emotions swirling around my head today and it is so confusing.

Today has been a pretty bad day. I haven’t posted something like what I’m going to say today in a long time, but I feel I need to get it out. This post started out as a post on Instagram, but I found I had a lot more to say than a few sentences.

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Life, updated

Hi everyone.

I know I haven’t really blogged, like, at all this year. I guess it was a combination of factors. After returning from holidaying in the Gold Coast, I returned to work. As soon as I started back, it was full-on. I was working long hours and had a lot to do. Stress soon took over and with added stress, depression started to take hold again. I found the black dog had well and truly come to stay. In order to get back to my happy place, I knew I had to make changes. I just didn’t know what. In the end, I decided to resign from my job. It was an incredibly hard decision. The people I worked with are absolutely awesome and I miss seeing them everyday. Soon after I had resigned, Man Piece got a job offer in Wellington. It was an easy decision to make, as moving back to Wellington was always our end game. Instead of looking for a new job in Sydney, I began packing up my life and looking for jobs in Wellington.

We’ve been back about a week and a half now. I can feel happy returning and the creative juices beginning to flow. For the first time in months I actually want to blog! And write and go out and see friends. A huge change from only a few months ago.

So, to catch you all up on my life in the last few months, and some of the outfits I have worn, here is a post full of pictures and outfits.

Our view from the apartment we stayed in at Broadbeach.

Our view from the apartment we stayed in at Broadbeach.

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I drop the wordpress and gain a domain.

I have been thinking for awhile that it was time to buy my own domain.

Because these things confuse me a little, I got Man Piece to investigate.

About half an hour ago he said some stuff and basically told me what I had to do with wordpress to have my own domain, but keep everything the same.

So the only thing that has changed is instead of seeing in the url, you will now see Everything is still where it was and I am told everything will just redirect from the old wordpress domain.

You don’t even have to update your RSS feeds. How snazzy.

And considering the amount of money I spend on clothes in a year, the $18 cost for registration was nothing.

Also, as this blog celebrated its fourth birthday back in August, which I totally missed, it was definitely time to grow up a bit.

So here’s to more happy blogging!

And a picture of grumpy cat: