Review: Alexia – Kmart’s plus size range

I don’t really need an excuse to head to Kmart – I love the homewares and exercise gear. But I would often look at the Alexia range and never find anything that I really liked.

So when I received an email saying the range had had a refresh and that more focus was being put on the plus size range by Kmart designers, I was intrigued as to what I would find.

So a trip out to Kmart in Porirua was needed.

The Alexia range has definitely had a refresh – I tried on a lot of pieces. Roughly 18 pieces in total, there were rotations and a bit of a change-room circus.



As soon as I saw this first dress on the rack, I wanted it immediately. The pattern and colour are very me and when I tried it on, it had a very relaxed fit. I ended up going down two sizes. The second dress I really liked, but unfortunately it was too tight around the middle.


The maxi dresses, although good patterns and colours, just weren’t working for me. I really liked the purple pattern of the third top, but once again, the fit was not working for me. The graphic nature of this Paris tee is great and I would have bought it if it wasn’t slightly on the small side.


When I first put on this striped Amour t-shirt, it didn’t do much for me. But then I put the blazer on the right over top and I was sold on both items – they just went together. The Alexia range has several pairs of culottes with various patterns, as seen in the second panel, which were really comfortable as they have an elastic waist with tie. I was very close to buying a plain black pair, but didn’t think I would get much use for them in Wellington. As for the harem pants – only a couple of hours before hand I had had a conversation with friends about how they have grown in popularity and I don’t think I would ever wear them. I saw these and decided, what the hell, let’s try them. I put them on and I was sold. An elasticated waist and soft material made them extremely comfortable.



Yes, the Amour t-shirt and blazer came home with me. I think paired together they look great. The blazer was $29 and the t-shirt was $15. [Paired with wet look jeans from City Chic and Chucks.]


This dress is going to be great during summer (at least when summer finally comes to Wellington, if at all). I see myself slipping it on over togs. I love the hi-lo nature of it so it doesn’t feel like a proper maxi dress, when really it is. I’ve always struggled with maxi dresses because I tend to be a tad too short, resulting in some interesting walking experiences. The tie around the waist gives it a little bit of shape. This was $20.


I honestly did not think I would ever own a pair of harem pants, or just generally a pair of patterned pants. But here I am. They are so comfortable. They’ll be great dressed up for work or more relaxed for brunches or BBQ’s during summer. The best part about these had to be the price – they were marked $15, but scanned at $5. Check-out surprises, aye. [Paired with t-shirt from ASOS, waterfall blazer from Farmers, heels from  Ziera.]


Also what I love about Kmart (and not a part of the  Alexia range) is that it stocks graphic tee’s in plus sizes. As soon as I saw this Wizard of Oz tee, I was sold. And for $9, why wouldn’t it be? (This is the sale price, I think originally it was $15.)

Conclusion: The four pieces I picked up from the Alexia range are awesome and what makes them even better is the price point. The most expensive item was the blazer at $29. Similar items would go for much more from other plus size labels.

As for sizing, it was fairly consistent with what I thought I would be. Apart from a few pieces. The basic t-shirts I tried on (not pictured) were a little on the small side compared to the Amour tee. The maxi dresses were consistent, but different to the two Aztec patterned dresses. However, the sizing differences of these could be put down to the cut and how it worked with my shape.

Overall, the refreshed range has several fashionable hits at affordable prices. I’m keen to head back out to Porirua in a few months to see what is new.

And one final picture on things from Kmart – how delicious is this donut tote ($3!) and these cute scaves? ($9 each)

Disclaimer: I was sent a $100 voucher to try Kmart’s Alexia range.

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