Under Construction.

I’m currently changing up my blog a bit. As you can see the theme has changed and I’m working on getting various elements displayed in the sidebars.

It’s a work in progress currently. I hope to fix all the images and get everything perfect this weekend.

But everything is still there for perusal. I have not taken any posts away.

The images look a bit funny because I’ve chosen a theme which now requires a thumbnail, which I will have to go through and crop properly.

So please hold tight. I promise it will be better when I’ve finished with it.

Apparently this week I like things on tea.

Things I’ve been reading on the web this week are a bit light. I’ve been quite busy at work and not really wanting to read anything when coming home.

However, there are a few gems.

I found a nifty new site to create a portfolio on specifically for journalists called Pressfolios. This I might have to get in on at some point. Some info on it here.

This makes me sad. Because, everything. Now I feel like watching Curly Sue.

I have a person. I miss this person everyday.

I found these extremely funny. Because, history nerd.

This is probably my favourite:


Quote of the week goes to Eleanor Roosevelt via The Newsroom:

Women are like teabags; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.

Problems only book lovers understand is the story of my life.

This makes me feel like there is no hope for the human race. People who do this are bastards. What started out as a pro-feminism campaign turned sour when someone decided to turn a photo into a meme. Comments associated with it were quite horrible. What has the world come to?

I love this gif. It came via News Cat Gifs with the title, “When sources think they’ve manipulated me during the interview… until they see the story.” So much truth. So much.

My week on the web: 11/08/13

I have realised recently that I have not blogged much lately. Work has been quite busy and stressful, so the last thing I want to do when coming home from from work is continuing to write.

Several of the blogs I follow do a weekly round up of various things. Whether its images, favourite links or DIYs they’ve seen.

So as a way to have at least one blog a week, I’m going to attempt a weekly round up of what I have found interesting on the internets, or what I have contributed to the bottomless realm.

First up is 24 Reasons A Panda Should Never Be Your BFF from my favourite website Buzzfeed. Mostly the reason is because pandas tend to fall a lot. Be prepared for many hilariously cute panda falling off/over things gifs. Enjoy!

Next – another from Buzzfeed – is one on How To Microwave Mug Cakes That Actually Taste Good. I really, really want this book. Every attempt of mine at making a mud cake has not exactly been great, this book could solve all of that! And come on, I’m quite the baker, so I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Probably the microwave. It’s always the microwave.

With the sale of both The Boston Globe and The Washington Post in the last week (ish), for, quite frankly, pitiful sums – seriously, Instagram is worth more than for what TWP sold for. And the fact since I started in journalism it has all been doom and gloom about its decline – this article from 10,000 Words was quite refreshing. “The more we talk about journalism being alive, the more people – including us – will start to believe it.

Another from the glorious Buzzfeed – 56 Totally Wearable Harry Potter-Themed Accessories – I put forth without comment.

This image of a koala from Cute Overload. Look at him all cute and widdle!


This article from Thought Catalog perfectly describes what an introvert is. I am one, so I implore my friends to read this to try and understand me a little bit better, because I suck at explaining it.

According to this article, chaos and clutter mean that you are more creative, so I will no longer apologise for my messy desk (or messy house).

There are several pieces of clothing from City Chic which I would like, and I may just buy them thanks to my tax refund. Here, here, here, and here.

Finally, I have started writing for a short story blog (this was posted slightly more than a week ago, but I haven’t posted about it). Here is my post from July.

Here is a picture of delicious marshmallow pudding to round things off:


Madame Tussauds

I finally went to Madame Tussauds and, quite frankly, it was a little disappointing.

Good thing I didn’t pay for it! (Thanks McDonald’s – back when it was doing the Monopoly promotion, I ended up winning a free attraction pass. I cashed it in for Tussauds and have had it sitting there for months now.)

Along I went yesterday, I knew it would probably have a few people wandering around, because Saturday. I did not expect to encounter all the inconsiderate people pushing and jostling just to get a photo with a wax figurine – cause that’s all they are! Sure they’re modeled off the actual person, but they are not the actual person. People, huh.

So, it wasn’t the greatest experience, but it was interesting to read the history of how it got started and how the wax figures are made – it takes a lot of hours. A lot.

It was also very focused on Australian figures, which I could care less about. The London/New York/Las Vegas Tussauds would probably be a lot more interesting and it would be far better to go with someone, that by yourself.

Anyway, here are some of the figures at Sydney:









Banjo Paterson, James Cook, Rove and Fred Hollows.











Flamin’ mongrels!


My lips are sealed

Over the last few weeks I have gone a bit lipstick/lip colour mad. I really can’t help it if I see pretty lip colours while perusing the latest OZSale. I have also found a few new cool types of lip colour, which I just could not resist.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional lipstick. I’ve usually gone for glosses or balms. Lipstick has always just been a bit too heavy for me and I found that the colour would never stay long. Especially if you’re drinking. *cue lip stains on every single glass*

Six is not too many, right?

Six is not too many, right?

A happy in-between which I have fallen in love with, is Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter. I  now have three colours. By accident, I swear! There are 20 to collect…


I originally purchased Cupcake and Gumdrop – very much an impulse buy because as soon as I saw them I felt an instant need to have the colours in my life. I then got Sugar Plum in a giveaway from Priceline.

They go on super easy like a balm, but have amazing colours like lipstick. The best thing is that you don’t really have to worry about lip lines either. However, the colour does disappear quickly, so you have to reapply a bit like lipstick, but they are so lush I really don’t mind!


A tip from Maegan Tintari, or at least her mum, is to combine two of them. I do actually do this occasionally with the Cupcake and Gumdrop – it creates another colour, so from two, you get three!

Next is Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I really love these ones because it is like a giant crayon and provides excellent colour. Added bonus of it been a balm – whenever I wear it my lips feel a bit tingly and there is a smell of menthol.


Colours are Darling and Romantic (the red one).

Lastly is Revlon’s Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick and this one is the ultimate. First time I wore this lipstick the colour was strong AND it did not come off all over my glass. The lipstick stayed on my lips and I did not have to reapply – BRILL!


I have it in Trendsetter, which is such a feroch colour, and am really tempted to go and buy more. I am refraining though. For now.

There was absolutely no intention to make this blog all about Revlon, just turns out they have some pretty awesome lip colours out at the moment, which really suit me. They are also affordable – all were around the $15-$20 mark. Not excessive and you know you’re going to get a decent lip colour.