Book Index

Books to read, or have read, in 2013. The ‘to reads’ have not being scored through and are currently sitting on my kindle.

Burden, Wendy: Dead End Gene Pool
Child, Lee: Killing Floor

Child, Lee: Die Trying
Child, Lee: Tripwire
Child, Lee: The Visitor (Running Blind)
Child, Lee: Echo Burning
Child, Lee: Without Fail
Child, Lee: Persuader
Child, Lee: The Enemy
Child, Lee: One Shot
Child, Lee: The Hard Way
Child, Lee: Bad Luck and Trouble
Child, Lee: Nothing to Lose
Child, Lee: Gone Tomorrow
Child, Lee: 61 Hours
Child, Lee: Worth Dying For
Child, Lee: The Affair
Child, Lee: A Wanted Man
Clare, Cassandra: City of Bones (currently reading)
Kate, Lauren: Fallen
Kate, Lauren: Fallen in Love
Kate, Lauren: Passion
Kate, Lauren: Rapture
Kate, Lauren: Torment
Keyes, Marian: Rachel’s Holiday
Keyes, Marian: Sushi for Beginners
Keyes, Marian: Last Chance Saloon
Keyes, Marian: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
Keyes, Marian: The Other Side of the Story
Keyes, Marian: Watermelon
Keyes, Marian: Anybody Out There?
Kermen, Piper: Orange is the new Black

King, Stephen: The Colorado Kid
Larsson, Stieg: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Larsson, Stieg: The Girl Who Played with Fire
Larsson, Stieg: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
Leigh, Wendy: The Secret Letters of Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy
Meyer, Stephenie: The Short Second LIfe of Bree Tanner
Monroe, Marilyn and Ben Hect: My Story
Shepard, Sara: The Lying Game
Shepard, Sara: Never Have I Ever
Shepard, Sara: Two Truths and a Lie
Shepard, Sara: Hide and Seek
Shepard, Sara: Cross My Heart, Hope To Die
Shepard, Sara: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Smith, LJ: The Awakening
Smith, LJ: The Struggle
Smith, LJ: The Fury
Smith, LJ: Dark Reunion
Smith, LJ: The Return – Nightfall

Smith, LJ: The Return – Shadow Souls
Smith, LJ: The Return – Midnight
Smith, LJ: The Hunters – Phantom
Smith, LJ: The Hunters – Moonsong
Smith, LJ: The Hunters – Destiny Rising
Weisberger, Lauren: Everyone Worth Knowing

To add to Kindle because I want to read them this year:

The Great Gatsby
Mein Kamph
Pride and Prejudice
Sookie Stackhouse books


23/70 or 80
Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do. Better get reading!