Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

The hill that is.

The hill that Man Piece lives up.

I have determined that it is not the hill that is the problem, but it is the way I breathe that makes it really hard.

I have asthma, so I have a tendency to breathe quite heavily, but it doesn’t always seem to get oxygen to the right parts and my lungs start to constrict. Fun times!

Anyway… I’ve been trying to control my breathing while walking up the hill – keeping it slow and steady. But today, I decided to take a couple breaks equidistant from the last. I used the power poles to measure. Every second pole I stopped and took several deep breathes to slow down my breathing again.

And it helped A LOT.

I feel I managed to get up the hill a lot quicker and once I got back to #geekflat I wasn’t as dead as I usually am. I was actually fairly normal.

I might also be getting used to it. Man Piece tends to make me walk up it a lot. Hmph.

The dreaded hill, from geel flat.

The dreaded hill, from geek flat.