The Real Desperate Housewives of Wellington City.

It is official. I have become Man Piece’s Lady Bitch.

I have done washing, dishes, changing of the bed, cleaning the kitchen and general housely duties.

I have become #geekflat’s house bitch.

Now how did that happen?

Probably because I’m the only girl and boys don’t know better. I’m not really complaining. They do let me stay here and use their internets and power without technically paying for it. So good deal really. Man Piece really is my Sugar Daddy.

In fact, I should probably cook for Man Piece a bit more. He does a fair amount of the cooking, only because I don’t really know what to cook him – most of the things I cook have meat in them and I haven’t figured out how to change them to suit him.

I don’t really know what this post is even about, yes, I’ve turned into a Lady Bitch, fair enough. But I’m not really desperate or a housewife.

He hasn’t put a ring on it, therefore I’m not a wife.

I am however a bit desperate for this awesome dress I have seen in City Chic. It is amazing. So that makes me a little bit desperate.

Alas, it comes with a pretty amazing price tag too. One that I cannot fathom spending in my bereft state.

I shall dream about you, oh purdy dress. You are all but too far out of my grasp.

But wouldn’t I look awesome in it paired with my killer dom heels?

I think so.

Anyway, I shall leave this post here. I have things that need to be done and not much time to do them. For someone who is living the #lifeoftheunemployed, I’m surprisingly busy.

It’s weird.

(Actually a lot of the things I need to do are applying for jobs :-/)

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  1. It's so cool, aye? But it doesn't come in your size, Kara! City Chic is bigger sizes only – yay for me, not so cool for you.

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