Can I has?

Not in the mood to really write anything today, so these are a few things I have seen today that I think would be cool to have.

A sort of “favourite things”.

First a couple links to some *awesome* shoes that I saw today, which I really want, but probably can never have. Well… *maybe* the boots.

The boots and the heels.

I want red boots! Alas, the heels are probably too expensive.

Now for pictures!

This umbrella. It’s totally wicked. Look at all the funny colourful blobs

A room made out of books. How cool is that!?


Literary cuffs. This would be so cool. I can think of many quotes I would gladly have on one of these.

Super Mario tote bag. No more needs to be said.

A hugging ghost ring. Nawwwwwwwwww.


Crayon rings. Best invention ever.

A wittle cute puppy dog to have lub and cuddles with. And kisses. Nawwww.

And a cute little kitteh boom to write humorous LOLcat sayings about.