I do a little bit of stalking, but am still productive. DOES NOT COMPUTE.

So Friend decided to come around today at short notice, but she made it up to me by bringing pizza (good meaty pizza) and ice-cream.

We just sat around talking, interwebbing and watching The Ugly Truth.

There might have been also a little bit of stalking of people we went to high school with. Just a little bit.

I’m sure you all do it. Don’t judge.

After friend left, I showered. I figured it was 4pm, I might as well embrace the life of the unemployed stereotype because I might be in it for awhile.

Then went for an exceptionally long walk to try and work off the pizza. In fact I doubled my usual walk and added the entire park in. All the while Muse blasting through my headphones.


I have then been sitting on the internet for the remainder of the night and watching TEEVEE.

Yeah, this is my life.

However, I was very productive and applied for four jobs, YES FOUR!


Three in Wellington, one in Christchurch. One of them was also a retail job, instead of journalism/communication based. One of them was not technically a job either, just a contributor. So I don’t actually get paid :-/.

But it will be writing, for a legitimate source, which is better than nothing.

An unemployed journalist must do what an unemployed journalist must do.

In my case, it may included getting any job and get out of Hastings, for my own sanity.

The money will also be nice. To, yanno, start paying off that loan.

Rant of the day goes to online applications asking for your current employer details and having the * for “you must fill this in”. OR ELSE.

I don’t have a current employer. SO WHAT DO I DO!?

Rage, that’s what I do.

Furthermore, why do I need to write all my referees out when they are all detailed on my CV, which I have attached!?

This requires a very severe head shaking.


And this is where I will end this post. I’m currently watching Gossip Girl on TEEVEE, yeah it’s late. *cough* 3am *cough*

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