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Once again, I haven’t done much with my day. I’m starting to wonder whether anyone actually cares. Of course no one cares. I’m writing about myself. That’s the most boring thing of all.

Either way I am going to continue writing these inconsequential posts, because it means that I am writing something every day. Even if it is just bollocks.

Although today, I got thinking. John Key announced the general election is to be on November 26 this year. I’m actually kind of excited. I’m a politics nerd. I can only hope that I can get into a newsroom before then. The chances are high, it being 10 months away and all.

However, the point I am trying to make is, that @Harfish suggested I begin a politics blog. He said I should call it “The Apathetic Journalist’s Election Coverage”. But me being me, I need to tweak it a bit and thought of calling it: “The Apathetic Journalist’s Guide to the Election”.

It could be really cheeky and smarmy. I could even do some posts like “A Day in Parliament”, because I’m going to be spending a bit of time in Wellington this year because of Man Piece.

It would keep me writing and be about a topic that I have a passion for and knowledge of. Seems like a done deal actually. Guess I just have to create it. But if anyone has any other ideas (as I am still in the planning stages) let me know, either in the comments below or via twitter.

Well that was a bit of a detour.

I managed to kind of clean the other half of my room. The half that wasn’t really messy, just had a lot of stuff piled on top of each other. But in doing that, I decided to put some handbags on TradeMe to get rid of them, because I never use them anymore. Plus, it gets me a bit of extra cash, which I’m kind of lacking lately. <insert angry rant about being unemployed, again>

Oh, and what a perfect segueway into my next angry rant – another job rejection. It comes from a fairly large paper. Not going to name which. Its’ rejections now number three. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying with it, because it is not the winning rejector. Another fairly large paper is winning with five.


Anyway, Mother had eye surgery again today, so Father and I went up to see her after he got home from work. She seems alright, was a bit dopey, but we don’t know how the surgery when yet. Should find out tomorrow when she comes home.

Then I decided to get Hells for dinner, because by the time we got home it was almost 8pm. Father had bowling,  so I got it delivered. The delivery dude totally judged me.


It was one of those, looks you up and down and doesn’t say anything silent judging, where you just know they are doing it.

I do have to admit I was paying close attention to him, because I was kind of checking him out. I tend to do that ever since I first saw that episode of Gilmore Girls when it’s Rory’s first night at college. They get a whole heap of food delivered to her dorm room and they have various criteria they need to rate on each of the chosen take-aways. One of the criteria that is rated is the hotness of the delivery guy.


Moving along…

Didn’t do any job applications today. I think I overdosed yesterday. Will do more tomorrow, as I have nothing planned in the evening (not that I ever have anything planned in the evenings) but tonight just kind of got away on me by doing other stuff.