Inconsequentialness is inconsequential.

Writer’s block?



I didn’t do anything of consequence yesterday (read: today). It seems to be a growing trend, yeah?

I did end up going around to Benny Boo Boo Bear’s Purple Pimp Pad to watch some movies. Due Date and The Hangover.

Due Date is so completely random. Almost to the point of why was this movie even made? However, it was still quite hilarious.

The Hangover – finally watched it! Had never seen it before and I laughed pretty much the entire time!


And he shared his Peanut Butter M&M’s that @LittleIchiban bought him in the US of A.


I did get an awesome phone call from my man piece (I think this is the appropriate description, however the vote is still on. If you wish to vote, tweet me or comment below. The options are now Boyfriend, Man Piece, Man Bitch and Meat Puppet.)

I also called my t’other Friend Hayreeeeeee. She is moving to Darwin this week so it was a bit of a catch up call and a have fun, see you around type call. I will miss her in the the whole, she’s no longer in the same country, miss her.

But the plan is to go visit! Apparently Darwin is pretty cool.

Um… yeah. We might just leave it here for now.

I did do one time job application! #progress