Ducks are cool: Ezibuy Sara spray jacket

I was sitting in my hot, humid Sydney apartment a few months ago just cruising the internet when I got an email.

It was a marketing email from Ezibuy offering 20% off until midnight. I don’t even really know why I opened it. I hadn’t really opened an Ezibuy email in about 18 months, around the same time I had last looked at the website and what they were selling. I used to own a lot of clothes from Ezibuy, but when I moved to Australia, I guess I kind of just went off them.

So I decided to peruse the website to see what they had to offer in plus size brands. I was quite impressed. There were definitely a few things that I liked, but nothing that really shouted ‘BUY ME NOW’. Until I came across the Sara Spray Jacket in Black Duck.


Albeit after I had completely thought it through. There was no point in getting it sent to Sydney, as we were leaving a few weeks later. I decided sending it to my parents would be the best option. I also thought with the different climates between Sydney and Wellington that I would probably need to invest in some winter clothing at some point. As I had the discount code, it seemed like a no-brainer. So I added it to my cart and bought it.

Fast forward a month and I finally got my hands on it. Man Piece and I travelled up to Hawke’s Bay to see my parents over the Easter weekend and to pick up a few bits and pieces. Especially clothes – I left most of my winter clothes there when we first moved to Sydney. (Expect to see a few new, yet old pieces appearing shortly.)

Anyway, back to the jacket.



When I bought it, I decided to size up to guarantee that it would do up. It is a little large on me, but the beautiful thing is the waist elastic ties which allow you to give a more fitted look. They’re hidden on the inside, which can be annoying, but also keeps them out of the way at the same time. It also allows me to wear heavier clothes underneath, as it is quite a light, thin material.


It has a fantastically large hood and the sleeves have those tabs with domes to hold them at 3/4 length, which are great because when you joosh up the sleeve it does not stay in place, so the tabs help.


There are also ties around the bottom of the jacket to tighten it, but I like the loose look that I have going on here.

Overall, I am so pleased with this jacket. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it out in a downpour, but it will protect you from light showers. It is definitely a great purchase for me as Wellington’s wind usually renders umbrellas impossible to use. In the last week I have found it great to wear over a pair of leggings and singlet when I’m going out for a walk – it adds a bit of protection from the cold and wind. Plus, the ducks make it so goddamn cute!


The spray jacket is still available from Ezibuy. It also comes in Animal Print and Navy Spot.

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    • It is honestly one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I’m wearing it almost everyday – even if it’s not raining!

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