My lips are sealed

Over the last few weeks I have gone a bit lipstick/lip colour mad. I really can’t help it if I see pretty lip colours while perusing the latest OZSale. I have also found a few new cool types of lip colour, which I just could not resist.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional lipstick. I’ve usually gone for glosses or balms. Lipstick has always just been a bit too heavy for me and I found that the colour would never stay long. Especially if you’re drinking. *cue lip stains on every single glass*

Six is not too many, right?

Six is not too many, right?

A happy in-between which I have fallen in love with, is Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter. I  now have three colours. By accident, I swear! There are 20 to collect…


I originally purchased Cupcake and Gumdrop – very much an impulse buy because as soon as I saw them I felt an instant need to have the colours in my life. I then got Sugar Plum in a giveaway from Priceline.

They go on super easy like a balm, but have amazing colours like lipstick. The best thing is that you don’t really have to worry about lip lines either. However, the colour does disappear quickly, so you have to reapply a bit like lipstick, but they are so lush I really don’t mind!


A tip from Maegan Tintari, or at least her mum, is to combine two of them. I do actually do this occasionally with the Cupcake and Gumdrop – it creates another colour, so from two, you get three!

Next is Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I really love these ones because it is like a giant crayon and provides excellent colour. Added bonus of it been a balm – whenever I wear it my lips feel a bit tingly and there is a smell of menthol.


Colours are Darling and Romantic (the red one).

Lastly is Revlon’s Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick and this one is the ultimate. First time I wore this lipstick the colour was strong AND it did not come off all over my glass. The lipstick stayed on my lips and I did not have to reapply – BRILL!


I have it in Trendsetter, which is such a feroch colour, and am really tempted to go and buy more. I am refraining though. For now.

There was absolutely no intention to make this blog all about Revlon, just turns out they have some pretty awesome lip colours out at the moment, which really suit me. They are also affordable – all were around the $15-$20 mark. Not excessive and you know you’re going to get a decent lip colour.

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  1. Clearly you have a very generous man to make all this lipstick possible! You are very lucky he is such a great provider.

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