Apparently this week I like things on tea.

Things I’ve been reading on the web this week are a bit light. I’ve been quite busy at work and not really wanting to read anything when coming home.

However, there are a few gems.

I found a nifty new site to create a portfolio on specifically for journalists called Pressfolios. This I might have to get in on at some point. Some info on it here.

This makes me sad. Because, everything. Now I feel like watching Curly Sue.

I have a person. I miss this person everyday.

I found these extremely funny. Because, history nerd.

This is probably my favourite:


Quote of the week goes to Eleanor Roosevelt via The Newsroom:

Women are like teabags; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.

Problems only book lovers understand is the story of my life.

This makes me feel like there is no hope for the human race. People who do this are bastards. What started out as a pro-feminism campaign turned sour when someone decided to turn a photo into a meme. Comments associated with it were quite horrible. What has the world come to?

I love this gif. It came via News Cat Gifs with the title, “When sources think they’ve manipulated me during the interview… until they see the story.” So much truth. So much.