My week on the web: 11/08/13

I have realised recently that I have not blogged much lately. Work has been quite busy and stressful, so the last thing I want to do when coming home from from work is continuing to write.

Several of the blogs I follow do a weekly round up of various things. Whether its images, favourite links or DIYs they’ve seen.

So as a way to have at least one blog a week, I’m going to attempt a weekly round up of what I have found interesting on the internets, or what I have contributed to the bottomless realm.

First up is 24 Reasons A Panda Should Never Be Your BFF from my favourite website Buzzfeed. Mostly the reason is because pandas tend to fall a lot. Be prepared for many hilariously cute panda falling off/over things gifs. Enjoy!

Next – another from Buzzfeed – is one on How To Microwave Mug Cakes That Actually Taste Good. I really, really want this book. Every attempt of mine at making a mud cake has not exactly been great, this book could solve all of that! And come on, I’m quite the baker, so I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Probably the microwave. It’s always the microwave.

With the sale of both The Boston Globe and The Washington Post in the last week (ish), for, quite frankly, pitiful sums – seriously, Instagram is worth more than for what TWP sold for. And the fact since I started in journalism it has all been doom and gloom about its decline – this article from 10,000 Words was quite refreshing. “The more we talk about journalism being alive, the more people – including us – will start to believe it.

Another from the glorious Buzzfeed – 56 Totally Wearable Harry Potter-Themed Accessories – I put forth without comment.

This image of a koala from Cute Overload. Look at him all cute and widdle!


This article from Thought Catalog perfectly describes what an introvert is. I am one, so I implore my friends to read this to try and understand me a little bit better, because I suck at explaining it.

According to this article, chaos and clutter mean that you are more creative, so I will no longer apologise for my messy desk (or messy house).

There are several pieces of clothing from City Chic which I would like, and I may just buy them thanks to my tax refund. Here, here, here, and here.

Finally, I have started writing for a short story blog (this was posted slightly more than a week ago, but I haven’t posted about it). Here is my post from July.

Here is a picture of delicious marshmallow pudding to round things off: