Aussie Curves – Job Interview

This week I had grand plans to put together my outfit for Aussie Curves – Job Interview early and get it all blogged and done before Friday.

But the best laid plans and all…

Sure, I had put it off for a couple of days because I hadn’t quite figured out the entire outfit, but I was getting there. Thursday was going to be the day.

Then in the early hours of Thursday morning I had a rather rude awakening in the form of my dinner deciding to come back up (gross). I won’t go into any other details, but two days off work and four days later after a diet of not very much, I’m still not feeling that great. But I am getting better.

Which is why, at the last hour, I have come to write my Job Interview post for Aussie Curves.

Last night I spent a few hours going through multitudes of photos sorting them into various folders to try and find a couple of photos of my outfits from when I was actually interviewing for jobs a few months ago. Lucky for you, I found them.


Usually for a job interview I will dress more on the business side with a little bit of flare. I am in journalism, so day-to-day attire is usually smart-casual, but it can vary greatly depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Pretty much for every job interview I will wear my City Chic blazer. It has probably been one of the absolute best buys for my wardrobe ever. I have never once regretted buying it and I don’t ever see myself getting rid of it.

Normally I will go for some combination of skirt/stockings/top/blazer and add a belt if necessary/I feel like it.

The outfit above is probably one of my most liked outfits on Instagram. Unfortunately on this occasion I did not get the job. But I think it was definitely a winner.

Blazer: City Chic
Peplum: City Chic
Belt: Autograph
Skirt: Ezibuy
Stockings: We Love Colors


As you can see I’ve taken the same combination, but with different top and skirt.

Pretty sure this is the outfit I wore to the interview of the job I have now as I am standing in the foyer of the building I now work in.

Peplum and Skirt: City Chic
Everything else same as above.

For a job interview I will keep my hair and make-up quite basic. Usually my make-up will just be a good base of foundation, a little eye-liner and mascara with a light lip colour. Hair I will usually wear down and straightened (the first photo is post-interview, so it was down and looked much prettier before this!)

Hopefully for next week I’ll be back at 100 per cent for Your Closet. (What does that mean?!)

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One thought on “Aussie Curves – Job Interview

  1. Lisa, sorry to hear you are not doing so well.
    I love your style, and after seeing you wear the spotty mesh peplum, I actually sourced one for myself.
    I really like the way you have styled both of the outfits.

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