Aussie Curves – Job Interview

This week I had grand plans to put together my outfit for Aussie Curves – Job Interview early and get it all blogged and done before Friday.

But the best laid plans and all…

Sure, I had put it off for a couple of days because I hadn’t quite figured out the entire outfit, but I was getting there. Thursday was going to be the day.

Then in the early hours of Thursday morning I had a rather rude awakening in the form of my dinner deciding to come back up (gross). I won’t go into any other details, but two days off work and four days later after a diet of not very much, I’m still not feeling that great. But I am getting better.

Which is why, at the last hour, I have come to write my Job Interview post for Aussie Curves.

Last night I spent a few hours going through multitudes of photos sorting them into various folders to try and find a couple of photos of my outfits from when I was actually interviewing for jobs a few months ago. Lucky for you, I found them.


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Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash

It has been a long time since I did an Aussie Curves post, but I’m back!

This week’s theme is Pattern Clash. I don’t tend to own a lot of patterns. I shy away from them as I see them as too ‘out there’ for me, most of the time. If I do buy patterns, it is because they are fairly subtle, or are within the stripes/polka dots style of pattern, nothing too major.

Now, pattern clashing is meant to be a huge trend this winter. And one tip I have picked up is that the best way to clash is to keep with the same colour palette.


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Aussie Curves – Swimwear

So, swimwear, aye, Aussie Curves? Trying to throw the tough ones at me. Well played, sir, well played.

As a kid I was always in the water. I loved it. I would just chuck on my togs and jump in the pool. I was lucky enough to have a pool in our backyard from the age of eight – Dad dug the hole and put it in himself. With the help of a few other people, like my Granddad. But as soon as we had it, every year come October when it would start to warm up a bit, right through till about March, we would be in the pool regularly.

In fact, here is a photo of me as a kid (probably around the age of four or five?) at the local pool where we would go to swim before we had our own.


For the most part I didn’t worry about what I wore. I was a kid – what did I care? I was having fun. But at some point I became aware my body was different to everyone else’s. Perhaps I was bullied at some point about my swim suit, I can’t really remember. Mostly because there was always general bullying of me. Maybe it was just that. I was bullied about my size from a very young age and because of that, I didn’t want to show my body when swimming. I began wearing board shorts over my togs – even when swimming in my own back yard with no one else around! There was even a phase of wearing board shorts and a t-shirt when my confidence was so low about what I wore in the water that I didn’t even own a proper swimsuit. I then stopped even venturing into the water.

But a few years ago I had finally had enough. I wanted to go swimming because I loved it. I managed to find a swim suit that fit me and I ignored the size, because what did that matter anyway, as along as I was comfortable again doing something that I loved. That swimsuit was from Ezibuy’s Sara range. I still have it, it still fits and it is still in good condition.

But it is a few years old now and I wanted something new. Man Piece and I are heading to the Gold Coast for a few days between Christmas and New Year’s where I plan to do nothing but sit by the pool or on the beach and read. Every once in a while taking a dip to cool off again.

So I went looking for a new one and Autograph provided.


As soon as I saw these pieces hanging in the store, I knew they were for me. I kind of guessed the size I would need and headed to the changing rooms. I guessed right and everything fit perfectly. I was done. I headed straight to the register. I also had a lovely conversation with the store person and another lady in there. I love how supportive plus size clothing stores can be. Bonus: Autograph had 30% off its swimwear when I headed in there. Even better!


Unfortunately these photos aren’t what I wanted them to be. I originally wanted to head to the beach to get some great shots, but Sydney has been having some unusually bad weather. So that wasn’t going to happen. My back-up was to head to my usual place in the alley behind our apartment building. It would provide good light. Yet when I headed downstairs a whole bunch of cyclists were in the alley (we live above a cycle shop). To avoid the weird looks and the awkward conversation of trying to get them to move away from my wall, it was back to the apartment.


This cover-up also comes in the same turquoise colour, but I thought that would be a bit too much turquoise for one outfit. I think the black looks really good over top as the turquoise can pop through underneath. Alternatively, you could get the black top and turquoise cover-up, doing the reverse.


And finally without the cover-up. Please excuse my whiteness. Fake tan was going to happen, but then it didn’t. Long story.

I love this top for the colour. Currently I am drawn to all things that are within the teal/turquoise colour palettes and I buy them. This swimsuit was inevitable, really. It also makes the girls look amazing, while keeping them secure, plus the ruffles on the front help hide my tummy. Even though the ruffles and laser cut pattern on them are not really my thing, it works. This is a two-piece with both the tankini and pants having a secret mesh panel for a flattering shape. The pants are also high waisted, giving a smother line – they honestly are sitting just under my boobs. Added bonus is that they won’t be falling down anytime soon!


The best thing about the togs and the cover-up is that they make me feel awesome. So if I do manage to get to the beach or pool this summer in Sydney, I’m not going to give two F’s what people think. And I’m going to have so much fun on the Gold Coast this Christmas.

Lisa: 1, Haters: 0

Tankini, bottoms and cover-up: Autograph. Shop here, here and here, all are still available.
Shoes: Diana Ferrari



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Jennifer Lawrence is the most amazing person ever.


Favourite Buzz

My favourite buzz this week goes to 37 Things to DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding. It will be two years in January since Man Piece proposed and although we haven’t set a date or even really started thinking about it*, I’m always on the look out for interesting ideas to make the wedding a bit more ‘us’. I have the idea to DIY a few things in order to personalise things, but other than that I want a fairly simple plain non-extravagant wedding.

I really love the idea of ribbons on the back of the chairs.


Image credit.

Favourite Image

This article from Mashable has 17 Photographs That Display Perfect Symmetry, which was compiled from a Mashable challenge set for people to take photos with symmetry.

I think my favourite is this one of escalators:



Image credit.

Interesting Article

Reason 818** why I love Jennifer Lawrence:

You look like you look, and be comfortable. What are you going to do be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.

A-to-the-men, sista. This interview with her as she promotes Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the best things ever. She basically tells the haters to go screw themselves. She is fast becoming my new favourite celebrity.

This photo might also play a part:



Image credit.

Fashion Love

This week’s fashion love has to go to the Swim+ Lookbook put together by Danimezza. I have flicked through it a couple of times now and am loving several of the swimsuits featured. Although I have already purchased new togs this year from Autograph (post to come later this week), I’m contemplating one or two more from this. Especially one of the Robyn Lawley pieces. I hear David Jones stocks them.

Grabby Hands

I’m really wanting a pair of crop black pants which I can wear with a nice heel for work. I’ve been looking around but can’t find too many. I’ve found one pair from Target in the new Bellecurve range and one pair from Autograph. Neither of these really look like what I am after. I think I might have to go try both pairs on because I might change my mind after that. Do you know of anywhere else stocking black crop pants in plus sizes?



I was actually wondering what I would even put in here for the video this week and then I saw in my Facebook timeline the new video for ‘Let It Go’ by Demi Lovato for the new Disney movie Frozen. Done. You get Demi again. Sorry, not sorry.

She is truly amazing and I totally have a girl crush.


*This is a complete and utter lie. I’ve planned the whole thing in my head. Man Piece is the one that hasn’t thought about it.

** I made this number up. Sorry, not sorry.

Aussie Curves – Peplum

I only own one peplum top. I never really jumped on the craze like everyone else, it would seem. Possibly because I was not 100 per cent sold on the first one I purchased, therefore never ventured forth to buy more.

But the one I did buy, I LOVE the colour of it. Now I’m not usually one to wear a bright colourful top. Usually I’m dressed in the blacks and greys. But when I saw this colour it screamed at me “buy me, buy me!” So I did.


It’s acid and I love it.

It particularly goes well with a pair of dark jeans.


I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago and instagram’d a picture of it. The idea to wear it like this was inspired by one of Danimezza’s previous posts. I had never worn my peplum like this before, so decided to try it and loved it. This will probably carry on being how I wear it. Or with a pencil skirt, cause I have a few of those now.

The top itself is made of quite heavy material, so I never really want to wear something heavy on top. This light khaki jacket has been sitting in my wardrobe pretty much untouched since moving to Australia, I’m not really sure why as it’s pretty great. Also a perfect jacket which is light and covers my arms, but doesn’t really provide more warmth.

The only reason I’m not completely sold on the idea of peplums is probably because this one keeps riding up. A sure sign I probably needed to go up a size. But also while wearing this I’m very conscious of my tummy, which I don’t really want to be.

Peplum top: City Chic
Jacket: Autograph
Jeans: City Chic
Flats: Target
Necklace: Tiffany’s
Cuff: Actually ankle straps taken off a new pair of flats I just bought from Target.



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