We bought a house now we have to fill it

So… this is my house.


Or it will be. In 19 days. That’s right. The first of September marks us finally getting to the month of settlement. I still have to wait 19 days, but moving into our house is actually, finally, starting to feel real.

Let me rewind slightly… We set a three month settlement period for two reasons. 1) The current owner needed to find another house and 2) We had a six month lease on our apartment which doesn’t run out until a week after settlement (well planned!)

I am counting the days till I get to say goodbye to this shoebox apartment.

Sure this apartment has been extremely convenient for everything. But it is smaller than the apartment we were in in Sydney. It doesn’t have any decent windows. It doesn’t have space. It doesn’t even have an oven.

My excitement at moving into a four bedroom house, where the space is all going to be mine is exhilarating – no sharing with flatties here! (Well, one, but he’s tolerable. Oh then there’s that house guest for four months…) I’ll have an oven. A dishwasher. An actual laundry instead of a cupboard! I’m giddy at the thought. So much space that needs filling!

Which is why Man Piece and I have been spending our weekends furniture shopping. We basically have no furniture. We sold all of it when we left Auckland for Australia.

I bet you’ve already guessed where this is going. Yip. I got to go shopping! Finally, after years of pinning various photos, of obsessing over homewares, I’m finally in my element.

We have bought this Ashby 4 piece bedroom suite by Garry Masters from Harvey Norman:



I absolutely love this dressing table. It is gorgeous. It’s a little unexpected that we ended up getting this one. We were looking for something in a dark, almost black wood and instead we go for this! But the style is essentially what we wanted. I’m happy though. I have gone for grey sheets and duvet cover, so it should look really good. Currently the walls of the house are white, but that will probably change at some point.

This is the couch we have coming from Freedom Furniture (the lead time on their furniture is about four weeks. I don’t know how the TV shows do it):


And two of these gorgeous Astrid Chairs in Dexter Dark Teal to go in the lounge with the couch:


I’m hoping to take the colour of the chairs through onto the couch with the use of a couple of cushions. Now to find some awesome teal ones… I’ve also got my eye on some bronze cushions from Iko Iko to sit on these teal chairs. I think it will look awesome.

Lastly we have bought one of these copper side tables (the one at the back) from Freedom Furniture:


In meeting Man Piece’s requirements we have bought an awesome square dining table as a computer desk. Trust me. It will work. I just don’t have a good pic of it, so you’ll have to wait until it is delivered to see!

I’ve also bought a duvet cover and sheets for the bed, but I just don’t think any photo of them in their packets still will do them any justice, so you’ll have to wait for that one too!

Our list of things to get is shrinking slowly, but there are still so many things on it. At some point we need to buy a washing machine and fridge (the important things), most likely a kettle and toaster (once again, very important), and a mattress. Did I mention the suite didn’t include the mattress? Yeah… we should probably get that. Then there’s the coffee table and probably some pots… oh and a full-length mirror for my outfit photos. The list just keeps growing.

But we’ll get there.

19 days.

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