Aussie Curves – Song

I didn’t really know what to do for this week’s Aussie Curves them ‘Song’. I started thinking that I would choose a song and then create an outfit which was inspired by that. Fairly straight forward. But what song?

There are so many songs. There are so many GOOD songs. There are also so many songs about fashion. Where to start?

At some point this week I managed to get Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys stuck in my head. And it pretty much stayed there.

And because of that, this outfit managed to snake its way into my mind.


I honestly love New York. I have a love affair with the city, yet I have never been there. It is going to be one heck of a feeling when I finally find myself standing in the middle of Times Square or walking through Central Park. It has been my dream to travel there for 13 years now, it has just never eventuated. Even though I have finally managed to save enough money for the trip, that money is now set aside for part of the house deposit. One day. ONE DAY.

Anyway, everything about the song and the outfit just seemed to be a perfect fit for this week.


I don’t even really like Jay Z or Alicia Keys, but I do quite like Empire State of Mind. I think it does stem from my obsession with New York.

For the outfit this cold-shoulder New York top was essential. When I first saw this top, it was definitely love at first sight. A lot of my clothes are like that. Some of it may be impulse buying, I will admit, but most of the time I think I just really know what I like and what will suit me. The only thing I don’t like about this top is the cold-shoulder part of it. I had never worn a cold-shoulder top before so I didn’t really know whether I would like it or not. Thanks to this top I now know I’m firmly in the ‘dislike’ side of cold-shoulders. Currently I have left this one as is, but I do have plans to potentially just pop in a few stitches to close up the holes.

But this top alone did not make this outfit. It needed something a bit edgy. I could have worn my New York skinnies from City Chic and all would have been swell, but it needed to be edgier. The outfit needed some pleather/leather/wet-look/whatever-we-call-it-these-days. And so this skirt danced its way into my mind to be part of the outfit.


Yes those are tiny gold spike studs on the skirt.

How do you like my stairwell? I think it is my new wet weather photo-taking place.

One thing I did forget to add to the outfit was my new gold blazer which I picked up from the City Chic sale this week. I think it would really complete this outfit, but I completely forgot to put it on for the photos. You’ll just have to wait and see me wear it with something else.

Make sure you check out the other outfits in the blog hop below.

Top: City Chic
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Heels: Target [gifted]
Lipstick: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suade in Trendsetter




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8 thoughts on “Aussie Curves – Song

  1. Love it! You are really working that skirt, I’m so inspired by this! And I can totally relate to the love affair with NYC – i’ve never been there either, but, but… *swoon*!

  2. *sings* Newwww Yooork! I feel the same way about London/ The UK, I desperately want to visit. That skirt is awesome! I’m hoping to get into the CC sale this week and see if there is anything left!

    • Do it! There is probably plenty left – they had so much stock! I know the Wellington store has still got heaps. It’s weird how you can grow to love somewhere/something you’ve never been to.

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