The pantyhose saga continues.

Turns out plus size doesn’t actually mean plus size.

In regards to my last post – I went and looked at pantyhose. I tried to wear one of the new pairs I had purchased on Wednesday.

Alas, the package lied.

They were nowhere near plus size and somehow I don’t think someone who was 185cm tall would even be able to fit this pair of pantyhose, which is what the plus size specs said – up to 185cm and 110kgs. They didn’t even make it to my ass. I am not 185cm tall, I’m only about 160cm and yes I’m *around* that weight as well. So you can see why I’m a bit miffed.


So I’m likely going to send them to my sister anyway and if they don’t fit her (because she is freakishly tall) then @LittleIchiban can have a go. As I now have to do this, I’m tempted to take my receipt in and ask for my free pair of footless tights to send down to them too. I’m entitled, so why don’t I? I kind of wish I could return the pantyhose, but I have taken them out of the packaging, so I’m a bit fucked there.

My money is on them fitting @LittleIchiban over sister, because she is much shorter than either of us. Seriously. (No offence though, aye Natchmo. I wub you.)

Stupid people who advertise plus size, when it’s not – you obviously don’t even know what ‘plus size’ is.

It’s bigger than a 16, ya cunts. (I like this word. I don’t care what people say. Plus it is appropriate in this situation because I’m really angry.)

I feel like you should be able to try on pantyhose. They’re clothes right? You don’t buy a pair of pants without trying them on before you buy right? You should be able to try pantyhose on before you buy them, just so that when you do see a lable that says ‘plus size’ you can be assured that they will actually fit your fat arse.