Aussie Curves – Song

I didn’t really know what to do for this week’s Aussie Curves them ‘Song’. I started thinking that I would choose a song and then create an outfit which was inspired by that. Fairly straight forward. But what song?

There are so many songs. There are so many GOOD songs. There are also so many songs about fashion. Where to start?

At some point this week I managed to get Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys stuck in my head. And it pretty much stayed there.

And because of that, this outfit managed to snake its way into my mind.


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Aussie Curves – Races

I have never quite understood how the Melbourne Cup was called ‘the cup that stops a nation’, but now I do.

Having experienced my first one in an Australian workplace, I witnessed my colleagues all stop what they were doing for about half an hour and then all head back to work.

It was great.

My horse lost.

But the best part was the fashion! Many of my colleagues dressed up and wore something pretty in their hair.

Here is what I wore.



I actually don’t have that many ‘nice’ dresses. I’ve been looking for a some because I have a few events coming up this month which require cocktail attire. This one I have had for a little while and it was love at first sight.

It’s really comfortable as it is made of ponte fabric, but it can be a bit warm for a Sydney summer.


I love the see-through shoulders and the diamantes on it. Unfortunately these tend to come off in the wash and I have already lost a few. I should really know better by now to buy things with sparkles on.


I paired it with the tights because I was going to work and wanted to be comfortable, and today was unusually cold compared to what it has been lately in Sydney.

I have also realised there is nothing better than a red lip. I feel almost invincible when I put it on. This is my Revlon Ultimate Suede one again, which I have already professed my love for many times. (Side note: I am so much more comfortable with these images that I was with the Retro ones.)


My hair piece is just a headband with the feathers attached. It has kind of become my go-to piece when I need to wear a fascinator. I did my hair in a simple, messy side bun.

Dress: City Chic
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Target (gifted)
Headband: Mita (NZ, can be found in pharmacies) However this one I got about a year ago. (gifted)
Sunglasses: Glassons
Lippy: Revlon
Bracelets: City Chic



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Aussie Curves – Celebrity Copy Cat

At the start of this week I had no idea which celebrity style I wanted to copy. My mind was blank.

Finally Friday rolled around and I thought, I need to pick *someone*. So I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I started looking through celebrities and women’s fashion, but wasn’t really finding anything. Then I stumbled upon a photo of Demi Lovato and everything just fell in to place. Within five minutes I had an entire outfit planned.


This seems to be her current go-to outfit, and I have to say, I love it. Perfect mix of rock, grunge and glam. I also LOVE her neon blue hair right now. (No, I haven’t gone that far in celebrity copy cat, but one day I would love to dye my hair blue. One day…)

Anyway, here is what I have come up with. It’s kind of a mix of the two photos of her.


I actually went all out for this and I had so much fun. I planned the hair, make-up and jewelry. All fitting in with Demi’s style.


My t-shirt is actually one I have had for ages and I still love wearing it. Yes it does say “Make cupcakes not war”, cause I love cupcakes and don’t like war. It is from Johnny Cupcakes, an American clothing brand that does all sorts of cool tees and clothing, as well as accessory type things. I chose this tee for the outfit because I don’t have any of my band t-shirts with me here in AU, but I think it still fit with the style.


In the photos Demi has several chains, so I layered a couple of my normal necklaces I wear, just because I don’t own any chunky chains. I also wore a few cuffs/spiky bracelets, which she tends to wear quite often.


I even painted my nails black for the occasion. Dedicated. It is Midnight in NY by Sally Hansen. It’s a great nail polish as it has a bit of glitter in it. It also has a nice flat brush which allows for easy application, and it is fast drying.


And of course the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a bit of make-up. Demi was wearing a bright red lipstick, so I decided to pull out mine. This is Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Trendsetter. I love it because it really does stay on once set and doesn’t come off on glasses etc. Also note my bling earrings. Demi had a pair on as well.


So what do you think? Did I nail it? Also, new photo wall – AMAZING.

Leggings: ASOS curve
T-shirt: Johnny Cupcakes
Jacket: City Chic
Heels: Grace Hill, Ezibuy
Jewelry: cuff off a pair of shoes from Target, spike bracelets and earrings from Diva/Lovisa, necklaces from Tiffany’s and a market stall in Chatswood, cat ring from ASOS the other one I made myself from a button.



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Jewelry make-over

I recently had a clean out of some of my jewelry having realised I have spent far too much money on items from places like Equip, Lovisa and Diva. Most of these items really don’t last very well – they tarnish quite quickly and tend to break.

I’ve really gotten over buying this type of jewelry, so I actively avoid going into said shops to look anymore. I don’t want to waste my money on items that aren’t going to last, basically. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anyway, so the pieces I do have, I want them to last and not, essentially, wear out quickly. Because I will wear them a lot.

In saying that it lead to me being able to re-fashion a few of my necklaces.

These were two of them before me doing anything, looking quite bad. The bird started out as silver. I attempted to blur the background (badly) in this image because it was on newspaper (some sports ad).


I’ve had the lightning bolt necklace for a few years now, I think I picked it up from Diva. It had actually lasted reasonably well apart from the necklace itself. But I decided to re-fashion it to make it look a bit different and bolder.

The bird necklace I got from Lovisa less than 12 months ago, it tarnished quite quickly and I have barely worn it for the last six months.


The lightning bolt necklace after my re-fashion. I just painted it with nail polish. This colour is ‘Riveting’ by China Glaze from the Hunger Games Collection. Definitely the right colour for a lightning bolt.


As for the bird, I coloured the pendant in OPI’s ‘My Chihuahua Bites’.


I wanted it to be a bright pop of colour.

The best thing about re-fashioning necklaces with nail polish is that if it comes off, or you get sick of the colour, you can just pick another colour and paint it again!

The last necklace make-over I did was on a locket necklace I have had for several years as well. Probably picked up from Diva or Equip. It was originally three lockets in one, which was really annoying as they got tangled often. I removed the other two lockets, which were broken, and re-connected the chain. You barely notice where the connection is.

I wanted to try something different with the locket and came across a tutorial for making your own galaxy necklaces by Oh The Lovely Things.

I didn’t get too many good photos of the stages of the make-over so have just left them out.


There are about five different nail polishes used in this make-over.

The dark base colour is China Glaze’s ‘Smoke and Ashes’ from The Hunger Game collection. I then used Revlon ‘Cloud’ and ‘Electric’ with OPI’s ‘Don’t Touch My Tutu’. Finally a bit of OPI’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ was used for glitter.

I’m not that happy with how this turned out, mostly because it doesn’t look very galaxy. I feel I should have used similar colours to what the tutorial used, but I wanted to make it my own at the same time. I guess in time I will grow to like it, but I could always get a bit of nail polish remover, remove the paint and try again with different colours.


This photo shows the other colours coming through – you dab them on with a make-up sponge to get the desired result.

What do you think of this jewelry re-fasion? Have you ever done this to jewelry? What other ways have you used nail polish, apart from on your nails?

My lips are sealed

Over the last few weeks I have gone a bit lipstick/lip colour mad. I really can’t help it if I see pretty lip colours while perusing the latest OZSale. I have also found a few new cool types of lip colour, which I just could not resist.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional lipstick. I’ve usually gone for glosses or balms. Lipstick has always just been a bit too heavy for me and I found that the colour would never stay long. Especially if you’re drinking. *cue lip stains on every single glass*

Six is not too many, right?

Six is not too many, right?

A happy in-between which I have fallen in love with, is Revlon’s ColourBurst Lip Butter. I  now have three colours. By accident, I swear! There are 20 to collect…


I originally purchased Cupcake and Gumdrop – very much an impulse buy because as soon as I saw them I felt an instant need to have the colours in my life. I then got Sugar Plum in a giveaway from Priceline.

They go on super easy like a balm, but have amazing colours like lipstick. The best thing is that you don’t really have to worry about lip lines either. However, the colour does disappear quickly, so you have to reapply a bit like lipstick, but they are so lush I really don’t mind!


A tip from Maegan Tintari, or at least her mum, is to combine two of them. I do actually do this occasionally with the Cupcake and Gumdrop – it creates another colour, so from two, you get three!

Next is Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I really love these ones because it is like a giant crayon and provides excellent colour. Added bonus of it been a balm – whenever I wear it my lips feel a bit tingly and there is a smell of menthol.


Colours are Darling and Romantic (the red one).

Lastly is Revlon’s Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick and this one is the ultimate. First time I wore this lipstick the colour was strong AND it did not come off all over my glass. The lipstick stayed on my lips and I did not have to reapply – BRILL!


I have it in Trendsetter, which is such a feroch colour, and am really tempted to go and buy more. I am refraining though. For now.

There was absolutely no intention to make this blog all about Revlon, just turns out they have some pretty awesome lip colours out at the moment, which really suit me. They are also affordable – all were around the $15-$20 mark. Not excessive and you know you’re going to get a decent lip colour.