Lust list – 17 Sundays

I have been lusting after many items from 17 Sundays for a long time.

Unfortunately with moving back to NZ and currently being unemployed, I’m unable to buy anything. So I thought I would just put together a quick lust list of the current pieces I would love. And instead of owning them I can just dream of them.


Monte Carlo Wet Look Moto Legging | LA Afterglow Tee | Beautiful Mess Peplum Dress | Like A Cat Jaquard Knit Coat

I absolutely love the LA Afterglow Tee and am a little gutted that the black version has now sold out and I will never have it in my life. I curse moving countries and will weep quietly. Also the Moto Leggings no longer come in my size. Epic sad face. There is still hope for the peplum dress and knit coat.


Crop Trackies |Dolman Tee | Drawstring boyfriend short

So normally I would not go for a pair of trackies, but when I saw these I thought they would be perfect for what I wanted them for. Obviously I now live in Wellington, which can get quite cold. At the same time I want to keep getting out and exercising during winter. I thought these would be a bit warmer than my leggings and help keep away the wind chill while I’m out walking along the waterfront. Purely an exercise thing. Also because I struggle to find decent exercise leggings. (Seriously why doesn’t Lululemon make larger sizes?! That’s another blog post.) The tee would be a good basic item to dress up or down. And the shorts are so cute, I would love them for exercise/lounging around in during summer.

These three pieces are part of 17 Sundays basic range, so I hope they will be around for a little while. Also, an added bonus, is that Zebrano in New Zealand is now stocking the brand (basics only), so I hope to pop in at some point and see if they do have them and hopefully try on a few pieces. (Then I might have to sweet talk Man Piece into buying me a few things.)


Fit and Flare Dress with 3/4 sleeves

I love this dress! It is new in to 17 Sundays by the looks of it and it is sitting under the Basics on the website. I’m hopeful that I will be able to try it on at Zebrano. Fingers crossed.

And that is my lust list done. All photos are from the 17 Sundays website. If you haven’t checked them out before, head on over and peruse what is on offer.

What pieces do you like?

4 thoughts on “Lust list – 17 Sundays

  1. Went an had a quick look at Zebrano today, not the best selection and def not the blue and white dress 😦 the oversized t dress was there though and lots of bodycon

    • They did say it was only going to be their Basics line, which isn’t huge. Maybe the blue and white dress is so new that it hasn’t made it here yet or it’s not actually part of the Basics line. I still haven’t made it in there. Hopefully this week.

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