Dressember: Day 1.

So I’ve decided to participate in Dressember – a month of nothing but dresses. No pants! I’m not really sure how I’m going to manage it. I don’t even know how many dresses/tunics I have. Do skirts count? I do tend to wear skirts often. Especially to work.

As it is December 1, I chose a very pretty dress to kick things off. It is my purple tunic from Autograph in Australia. It’s comfortable and doesn’t get too hot, but the little brass domes on the chest keep coming off. Apparently they’re meant to do this, but it still annoys me and I want to stick them back on. The domes are the main reason I bought the dress! *sigh*

I paired it with my linen jacket also from Autograph, pocket watch necklace and a pair of leggings. I’m legitimately allowed to wear leggings during Dressember, because leggings are not pants! Win!

No idea what to wear tomorrow. Usually on Friday’s I wear jeans, so it shall be different. I shall ponder all night long. Gah. A month of this may be pretty hard for me because I am quite the pants person. I may need to go shopping and find a few more dresses. Yip. I think that is definitely what I need to do.

Over and out.