Dressember… um?

I’ve failed in Dressember.

I didn’t mean to, but I’ve never really been a dress person. It’s only being in the last year or so that I have really gotten into my dresses and skirts – with leggings! And it is because of this that I still can’t wear them all the time. It’s a slow process and I still love wearing my jeans. Even though today they split in the thigh. Awkward.

However, I do have a dress to show you from Tuesday. It is very bow-chicka-wow-wow. *imagines cartoon eye-popping*

Very “hello sailor!”, yes?

Not only because it looks like a sailor’s uniform, but also cause it shows my boobs, A LOT. Seriously, there is bra showing and when I sit down, it’s like I’m not wearing a top at all.

Note to self: wear singlet if ever to wear to work.

I bought it from City Chic (my all-time favourite store now, please don’t ever go away. And if someone is reading this – black, skinny jeans that fit me please!) It was on sale pre-christmas and got it for half price – total winning. It meant the price was actually a reasonable price.

I have worn a few dresses in the days I have missed; they were repeats though. The yellow summery dress and the tunic that has to be paired with jeans, but nothing new.

As I am now in Hastings and I essentially just chucked clothes in my suitcase, I didn’t plan very well and I have about four dresses with me. Again, awkward.

Dressember: day 14.

You know how sometimes when you wake up, you know instantly what you want to wear? Today was one of those days. And unfortunately, I knew I did not want to wear a dress.

I knew no matter what dress I picked out, I would not be happy in it. So I broke with Dressember again and wore jeans.


But to try and keep with the feeling of oh so pretty, I wore a purdy top. It was all frilly and florally.

Pretty, yes? It’s from City Chic. It’s also very boobalicious.

I was struggling most of the day to not show my bra. Probably not the best top to wear to work. But it was cool and Auckland has ridiculous humidity.

Dressember: day 13.

Today I publish early, lucky you!

Today we have our work do and are going to the races, so we all got dressed up a little bit.

This is my dress that I wore for both of my graduations. A perfect LBD. Paired it with my new necklace from Once It, which is a french chocolate box and you can change the print you want in it! Also with a feathery headband as a fascinator and a strechy headband on my wrist, cause it looks better there and what has now been described as my “disco ball” ring. Lastly, a pair of heels. I figured I would be wearing them most of the day so wore my most comfortable ones – wedges.

Things to note, you can’t see that I’m actually wearing leggings, can you? I’m sneaky like that. You also can’t see that I have a massive hair clip keeping my dress in place by attaching it to my bra. Total win. The dress gets quite boobalicious otherwise. Hell, it is still rather boobalicious now.

You wouldn’t tell I had also straightened my hair, either, would you? Damn wind and rain. CURSE YOU AND MY ONCE PRETTY HAIR.

Dressember: day 12.

Today, in my photo, I look a little wet.

The reason? I walked home in the rain.

One downside to being able to walk to work.

This is my casual “little black dress”. I wear it a lot. I can basically wear it all year round. It’s fantastic.

Originally purchased from Farmers. Not really sure what else to say. Just writing some random bullshit.

It has pockets and a tie around the waist as well as elastic. It’s comfortable.


Dressember: day 11.

Sunshine, daisies, butter, mellow – turn this stupid fat rat yellow.

Jokes, I’m not a rat, but I was turned yellow for the day.


Please ignore my stupid pose, I was being a twat.

I swear I could probably do a month of blog posts about the stupid poses or faces I pull when getting my photo taken. I just can’t stand there and smile. I think part of it is that I hate having my photo taken – I like being behind the lens – so I have to do something stupid every time to make the picture bad. That’s some stupid thinking, but hey, here I am with no good pictures AT ALL.

I bought it yesterday from City Chic. I LOVE IT. It’s bright, comfortable and the fabric feels so good. It was amazing wearing it today, except when we ventured in to Ponsonby and the clouds decided to come in and the wind was cold. Then it was not so great, but for summer, I’m going to be as cool as a cucumber.