No-bake chocolate cakes.

These aren’t really cupcakes, but a very simple way to do a rice bubbles slice which I used to have all the time as a kid.


5 x 60g Mars bars
50g butter
3 1/2 cups (120g) Rice Bubbles
200g milk eating chocolate, melted


Line a 12-hole standard muffin pan with paper cases.

Chop four of the Mars bars coarsely; cut remaining bar into slices.

Place chopped Mars bars in medium saucepan with butter; stir over low heat until smooth. Stir in Rice Bubbles.

Press mixture into cases, spread with chocolate; top with sliced Mars bar. Refrigerate about 30 minutes or until set.

I, however, did not put the chopped Mars bar on top, as Man Piece decided to help himself and ate one while I was not home.

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