Dressember: day 5.

So I’m a bit slack and didn’t get dressed yesterday, thus no day 4 blog post. I lounged around the apartment in leggings and a singlet, which I also tend to sleep in. Thus the not getting dressed part. Why bother getting all dressed up if you’re not even going to leave the house? Lazy, but brilliant.

So anyway, I continued with dressember today with a pretty cool tunic I got from Autograph when visiting Australia. I thought it would be great, because it is sleeveless, and today was a bloody hot/humid day. Seriously, I was sweating like a pig.

Why do they call it sweating like a pig? Do pigs even sweat?

Back to the dress.

Downside is that IT DOESN’T BREATHE. So here I was, on a stifling hot day, wearing the worst dress imaginable. I think the way to best describe it was ‘melting’. Yanno, like the which in The Wizard of Oz. JUST LIKE THAT.

It has some upsides to it though, like looking pretty and having an empire line and the domes, which make it look all punk like. COME AT ME BRO.

Needless to say, I was pleased to get out of it at the end of the day.

Naturally, I paired it with leggings. THEY ARE NOT PANTS.

Dressember: day 3.

Today was pretty hot and muggy, so I decided to go with my super summery dress (with leggings).

I got it from a shop called Caroline Eve. Not sure if they are throughout NZ, I’ve only ever been to them while in Hawke’s Bay, but they have some decent stuff.

It’s so pretty and bright. It doesn’t give you that “ugh, I’m wearing too many clothes” feel either. Perfect for going for a walk to the mall, along Takapuna beach and eating an ice cream. In which the messy child in me dripped ice cream on my dress, but I hope you can’t notice that.


Oh, and yay for empire line! Sort of.

Dressember: Day 2.

Yay, dress number two!

This is my shirt dress from City Chic. I love it. It’s so comfortable and can be casual or dressed up. Usually there is a belt that goes with it, but all day it kept popping open. I think it is a fault with the belt, because I have two exactly the same (one came with another City Chic dress) and the other one doesn’t give me any grief at all. Way to go.

Once again, I wore it with leggings. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wear them as pants around the house, but never outside unless I have something long enough to cover my arse. Leggings are essential for me, as I’m one of those woman whose thighs touch and chafing is seriously uncomfortable. Speaking the truth, even if it is TMI.

And I *might* have been slightly intoxicated in this picture. Can you tell?

Dressember: Day 1.

So I’ve decided to participate in Dressember – a month of nothing but dresses. No pants! I’m not really sure how I’m going to manage it. I don’t even know how many dresses/tunics I have. Do skirts count? I do tend to wear skirts often. Especially to work.

As it is December 1, I chose a very pretty dress to kick things off. It is my purple tunic from Autograph in Australia. It’s comfortable and doesn’t get too hot, but the little brass domes on the chest keep coming off. Apparently they’re meant to do this, but it still annoys me and I want to stick them back on. The domes are the main reason I bought the dress! *sigh*

I paired it with my linen jacket also from Autograph, pocket watch necklace and a pair of leggings. I’m¬†legitimately¬†allowed to wear leggings during Dressember, because leggings are not pants! Win!

No idea what to wear tomorrow. Usually on Friday’s I wear jeans, so it shall be different. I shall ponder all night long. Gah. A month of this may be pretty hard for me because I am quite the pants person. I may need to go shopping and find a few more dresses. Yip. I think that is definitely what I need to do.

Over and out.