Dressember: Day 2.

Yay, dress number two!

This is my shirt dress from City Chic. I love it. It’s so comfortable and can be casual or dressed up. Usually there is a belt that goes with it, but all day it kept popping open. I think it is a fault with the belt, because I have two exactly the same (one came with another City Chic dress) and the other one doesn’t give me any grief at all. Way to go.

Once again, I wore it with leggings. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wear them as pants around the house, but never outside unless I have something long enough to cover my arse. Leggings are essential for me, as I’m one of those woman whose thighs touch and chafing is seriously uncomfortable. Speaking the truth, even if it is TMI.

And I *might* have been slightly intoxicated in this picture. Can you tell?