Aussie Curves – Polka Dots

As it turns out, having your wardrobe spread out over three locations can be rather difficult and slightly deceptive at times. Currently I have clothes at my apartment – the ones I tend to wear most often – some stored at my parents place and even more stored at Man Piece’s parents’ place.

I thought I had this week down. I had planned to just take a few snaps of me in a casual outfit with my polka dot scarf I bought from Kikki K. No, why would life be that easy? Turns out said scarf is not located within my apartment currently and I’m not really sure where it is. Possibly in other two aforementioned locations.

I started to think I did not have anything else that had polka dots on it and I was very near sitting this week of Aussie Curves out, but, in a last ditch attempt, I went through every single piece of clothing which is currently resident of my apartment and I found a polka dot peplum top.



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Aussie Curves – Spike

Spike is the Aussie Curves theme this week and I definitely do not have a shortage of clothing with spikes on.

I could have gone with my Kaleidoscope dress as it has spikes on the shoulders, but I used that for Bodycon week. I could have worn my leopard top, as that too has spikes on the shoulders, but, once again, I had already used that for Time Saver. I sure do like clothing with spikes.

So there I was, scratching my head, wondering what else did I have? When I finally remembered the cardigan I have with spikes on the shoulder. City Chic really does like putting spikes on its clothing, huh? And I can’t help but buy them.


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Lust list – 17 Sundays

I have been lusting after many items from 17 Sundays for a long time.

Unfortunately with moving back to NZ and currently being unemployed, I’m unable to buy anything. So I thought I would just put together a quick lust list of the current pieces I would love. And instead of owning them I can just dream of them.


Monte Carlo Wet Look Moto Legging | LA Afterglow Tee | Beautiful Mess Peplum Dress | Like A Cat Jaquard Knit Coat

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Aussie Curves – Sparkle

I have a confession to make. I really struggled with this week’s Aussie Curves theme.

Most people probably wouldn’t have a problem coming up with something for Sparkle week. And although I love sparkly things, I finally realised I don’t actually own that many things that would fall into the category.

I have lusted over various sequin dresses and skirts (hello ASOS), but have never bought any. Mostly because I feel that the garment would be hard to clean and sequins have a tendency to fall off, so the beauty of the garment will not last. Thus I have avoided most sparkly pieces of clothing. Which left me struggling to come up with an outfit.

Then, I was laying in bed one night trying to get to sleep and suddenly thought, ‘I could use my gold glitter clutch! Huzzah!’

But where is that glitter clutch? Buried in a suitcase at Man Piece’s parents’ place. Darn.

Back to the drawing board.

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