September 26, 2017, 6am, I boarded the first flight on my journey – to Sydney. A mere 37 hours later, I landed in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

This was the first big overseas adventure for me. And a first for me by myself, at that.

I don’t have a lot of say about my trip, but I have been thinking about it a lot and the affect it has had on me.

So I wanted to share it the best way I know how right now, and that is with photos. I took more than 2000 on my four week journey. Here are just a few of them from Chicago.

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Jennifer Lawrence is the most amazing person ever.


Favourite Buzz

My favourite buzz this week goes to 37 Things to DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding. It will be two years in January since Man Piece proposed and although we haven’t set a date or even really started thinking about it*, I’m always on the look out for interesting ideas to make the wedding a bit more ‘us’. I have the idea to DIY a few things in order to personalise things, but other than that I want a fairly simple plain non-extravagant wedding.

I really love the idea of ribbons on the back of the chairs.


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Favourite Image

This article from Mashable has 17 Photographs That Display Perfect Symmetry, which was compiled from a Mashable challenge set for people to take photos with symmetry.

I think my favourite is this one of escalators:



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Interesting Article

Reason 818** why I love Jennifer Lawrence:

You look like you look, and be comfortable. What are you going to do be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.

A-to-the-men, sista. This interview with her as she promotes Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the best things ever. She basically tells the haters to go screw themselves. She is fast becoming my new favourite celebrity.

This photo might also play a part:



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Fashion Love

This week’s fashion love has to go to the Swim+ Lookbook put together by Danimezza. I have flicked through it a couple of times now and am loving several of the swimsuits featured. Although I have already purchased new togs this year from Autograph (post to come later this week), I’m contemplating one or two more from this. Especially one of the Robyn Lawley pieces. I hear David Jones stocks them.

Grabby Hands

I’m really wanting a pair of crop black pants which I can wear with a nice heel for work. I’ve been looking around but can’t find too many. I’ve found one pair from Target in the new Bellecurve range and one pair from Autograph. Neither of these really look like what I am after. I think I might have to go try both pairs on because I might change my mind after that. Do you know of anywhere else stocking black crop pants in plus sizes?



I was actually wondering what I would even put in here for the video this week and then I saw in my Facebook timeline the new video for ‘Let It Go’ by Demi Lovato for the new Disney movie Frozen. Done. You get Demi again. Sorry, not sorry.

She is truly amazing and I totally have a girl crush.


*This is a complete and utter lie. I’ve planned the whole thing in my head. Man Piece is the one that hasn’t thought about it.

** I made this number up. Sorry, not sorry.

Another year over.

Usually at the end of the year I do a year in review of what I’ve done. However, I’ve decided this year not to do that. I’ve found something much more awesome to do and fits in with my last couple of posts.

Each year The Atlantic gathers together the best news photos from the year. These are some of my favourite ones from its list.

From Part 1:

The Costa Concordia, which ran aground on January 14.

Ice covered lampposts in Senj, Croatia.

Special mention goes to Angelina Jolie’s leg at the Oscars.

This one made me laugh – this woman was protesting the health care reforms saying it was socialism taking away her choices and rights. Cause health care for all is a bad thing *sarcasm*.

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

The famed bus Rosa Parks took her stand on – because of her, he can be President.

From Part 2:

Half a clock face remains following the magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Ferrara, Italy.

A disused railway track known as the ‘Tunnel of Love’ in Kleven, Ukraine.

Flying cat! Yes the cat was dead at the time. Not 100% sure how I feel about this – flying cat = cool, yet doing this to it after its death = IDK? I guess it’s like taxidermy.

Perfect timing.

Unimpressed face is unimpressed.

From Part 3:

The most retweeted image in history.

Haka for two New Zealand soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Bubble in water at International Space Station.

The ‘Rain Room’ art installation in London.

Water pouring into ground zero construction site in New York during Hurrican Sandy.

Solar eclipse.