Another year over.

Usually at the end of the year I do a year in review of what I’ve done. However, I’ve decided this year not to do that. I’ve found something much more awesome to do and fits in with my last couple of posts.

Each year The Atlantic gathers together the best news photos from the year. These are some of my favourite ones from its list.

From Part 1:

The Costa Concordia, which ran aground on January 14.

Ice covered lampposts in Senj, Croatia.

Special mention goes to Angelina Jolie’s leg at the Oscars.

This one made me laugh – this woman was protesting the health care reforms saying it was socialism taking away her choices and rights. Cause health care for all is a bad thing *sarcasm*.

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

The famed bus Rosa Parks took her stand on – because of her, he can be President.

From Part 2:

Half a clock face remains following the magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Ferrara, Italy.

A disused railway track known as the ‘Tunnel of Love’ in Kleven, Ukraine.

Flying cat! Yes the cat was dead at the time. Not 100% sure how I feel about this – flying cat = cool, yet doing this to it after its death = IDK? I guess it’s like taxidermy.

Perfect timing.

Unimpressed face is unimpressed.

From Part 3:

The most retweeted image in history.

Haka for two New Zealand soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Bubble in water at International Space Station.

The ‘Rain Room’ art installation in London.

Water pouring into ground zero construction site in New York during Hurrican Sandy.

Solar eclipse.