Aussie Curves – Tee

This week’s Aussie Curve theme is Tee. I have been thinking all week which tee to wear and trying to figure out which one I have available to me that I have not used in a blog before. I was almost going to pass on this week (because I’m sick, again), but then I remembered there was a t-shirt that I haven’t blogged about and that I do actually have in my tiny apartment wardrobe.

I’m sure you’ll all recognise it, it’s one you’ve seen many times before, just not on me.


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We bought a house now we have to fill it

So… this is my house.


Or it will be. In 19 days. That’s right. The first of September marks us finally getting to the month of settlement. I still have to wait 19 days, but moving into our house is actually, finally, starting to feel real.

Let me rewind slightly… We set a three month settlement period for two reasons. 1) The current owner needed to find another house and 2) We had a six month lease on our apartment which doesn’t run out until a week after settlement (well planned!)

I am counting the days till I get to say goodbye to this shoebox apartment.

Sure this apartment has been extremely convenient for everything. But it is smaller than the apartment we were in in Sydney. It doesn’t have any decent windows. It doesn’t have space. It doesn’t even have an oven. Continue reading

Aussie Curves – Job Interview

This week I had grand plans to put together my outfit for Aussie Curves – Job Interview early and get it all blogged and done before Friday.

But the best laid plans and all…

Sure, I had put it off for a couple of days because I hadn’t quite figured out the entire outfit, but I was getting there. Thursday was going to be the day.

Then in the early hours of Thursday morning I had a rather rude awakening in the form of my dinner deciding to come back up (gross). I won’t go into any other details, but two days off work and four days later after a diet of not very much, I’m still not feeling that great. But I am getting better.

Which is why, at the last hour, I have come to write my Job Interview post for Aussie Curves.

Last night I spent a few hours going through multitudes of photos sorting them into various folders to try and find a couple of photos of my outfits from when I was actually interviewing for jobs a few months ago. Lucky for you, I found them.


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Aussie Curves – Everyday Style

I had great plans for this week, but alas, life got in the way and I failed the goal I had set myself.

The idea for this week was that I was going to wear what I normally wear to work and just make sure I got an outfit photo everyday. The aim being at the end of five days I would have successfully posted a photo on Instagram every day and I would have five photos to make up the post for this week’s Aussie Curves challenge.

I managed two. Two out of five. Utter fail much?

My everyday style is quite simple. Usually it revolves around jeans and a top of some kind. Lately I have been rocking the singlet and jumper combo. Wellington has decided to turn on the cold finally (just when Spring is approaching!)

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Wellington Bake Club: Week 4

The final week! This week we had the challenge of making eclairs.

I had never made eclairs before so I was a little nervous. Once again it was Pinterest which provided some good ideas for me and I ended up going with a Pistachio Eclair.

Not one to make things easy on myself, I made my eclairs from two different recipes.

For the choux pastry and the pistachio paste (for the cream) I followed the recipe from The Candid Appetite. It had a number of good tips on making eclairs as well, which I definitely took note of!

For the ganache and pistachio cream I turned to The Little Loaf.


Piping the eclairs was actually the hardest part, not making the choux pastry. As you can see mine looked a bit ugly. In piping it, I had to go over each many times, which caused a lot of cracks (and a lot of sore muscles the next day).


But when they came out of the oven they looked like really nice bread rolls.


With ganache and a sprinkling of pistachios these eclairs looked amazing.

I also had a few issues with the cream. First with making the pistachio paste – I don’t actually have a food processor, I only have one of those magic bullet things which didn’t do a very good job of blending the nuts. It resulted in quite a thick cream and also a few big chunks left in the mixture, which ultimately became a nightmare of piping the cream inside the eclairs. Basically, I couldn’t, due to pieces of pistachios getting stuck in the nozzle. I ended up having to cut them open and spoon the cream inside. After that, they looked a bit ugly.

I believe the cream was my undoing as the eclairs did not go down well with my colleagues. I came last this week. So I said goodbye to first place. I definitely want to try making eclairs again, but I think I will be doing a chocolate cream next time to appeal to the masses.

But overall I think I did pretty well, not having my own kitchen and all!

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