Recipe: Tim Tam balls

I love Tim Tams. They are the ultimate biscuit. Sit me down with a hot chocolate and a packet of nine and I will devour them one Tim Tam slam at a time. (For this reason, I do not buy them often.)

And lately, I’ve been wanting to use them more in baking. There’s this cheesecake that I really want to try; if only I could get my hands on some of the salted caramel flavour. (My efforts have so far come up short with both New World Thorndon and Willis St Metro sold out. I will have to look further afield. Yes, yes, I could use a different flavour, like the plain caramel, but that just wouldn’t be the same.)


Today my mother emailed me this recipe for Tim Tam balls, knowing that I would immediately want to make it. Usually I have zero follow through on these things, but today was different. I then received an email about a work bake sale for Anzac Day. Thus, the impulsive thought was born.

The recipe was incredibly simple, but from reading the comments the execution seemed to require a bit of tweaking. So here’s how I adjusted the recipe.


2 packets of Tim Tams (I used original ones)

1 can of condensed milk

Chocolate, grated (I used good old Whittaker’s milk)


1. Blend biscuits in a food processor until fine.

2. Add 3/4 can of sweetened condensed milk. Blend till combined.

3. Roll mixture into balls about the size of a golf ball.

4. Grate chocolate, then roll balls in shavings. Chill to harden. Enjoy.

As I said, it is incredibly simple. Already you can see (if you peeked at the original recipe) I doubled the amount of Tim Tams used. One packet of original Tim Tams has 11 biscuits and is 200g. But with a can of sweetened condensed milk at your disposal, it would overwhelm one packet. Even then, one full can is too much for two packets, thus not putting the whole thing in. I feel three packets could easily be mixed with one can and still create a mixture that is perfectly proportioned. As it was, my mixture was sticky and well- mixed, but possibly had a little bit too much milk in it. They still taste good!

It is one of those recipes that is easily changed depending on how many biscuits you use or how many balls you want to make. I ended up making 22 balls.

The original recipe called for rolling the balls in coconut, but as I’m not the biggest fan, I decided on chocolate instead. A bit of cocoa or your favourite chopped nuts would also work well.

I can just imagine making this with every flavour of Tim Tam. Chocolate raspberry rolled in pistachios, anyone?

The little pink stool that could

My Nana died back in 2003. I know that’s a morbid way to start a blog post, but trust me, this is where the story starts.

She died quite suddenly. It was April. Good Friday, in fact, when she had a heart attack and ended up in hospital. By Sunday, Easter Sunday, she was gone.

The following weeks I remember helping clean out the house. Things were thrown out, others were sold to the antique stores in town and various bits and pieces went to various family members.

I still know everything that I took from that house, that was hers. I guess you always remember the things that a loved one owned. I have her rocking chair, a piece of Irish pottery in the shape of a cauldron and a porcelain penguin. There was also a cobalt blue glass vase with a tear shaped stopper. But the cat ended up knocking it off my dresser one night and literally smashed it into thousands of tiny sharp blue pieces. I cried all night.

Then there was the pink stool.

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Aussie Curves – Activewear

This week’s Aussie Curves theme is Activewear. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting for some good exercise gear that was actually cool, comfortable and fit me.

I came across a new brand in Farmers a few months ago called Super Fit Curve (they also have a straight size line). The items are bright and comfortable. I’m definitely keen to keep an eye out for when more items are released.


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Peek inside my house: The lounge

Four months ago, Man Piece and I took possession of our very own house. It’s a classic California bungalow and I absolutely adore it.

As we had moved back from Australia, we had no furniture so had to buy all new stuff to fill, what felt like at the time, the monstrous house.

ICYMI: We bought a house and now we have to fill it

But in the four months that we have been here it has started to feel like home (and a lot smaller than we originally thought, but still massive). Especially when you can bash holes in the walls and rip out that tree you don’t like. All a part of making it our own.

The part I was particularly keen on was filling it with furniture. Finally, all those hours spent on Pinterest and watching The Block were about to pay off.

So in the first of a series of posts to show you our new abode, I have taken a few photos to show you how we have filled our lounge. I’m still not completely happy with it, but in time it will get there.


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Aussie Curves – Night Out

Hi! I’m still alive. Kind of.

I haven’t been feeling that great about what I have been wearing or what I look like lately. So mostly I’ve just been avoiding it all and wearing/doing the bare basics.

Which means I have not been feeling inspired to do any Aussie Curves posts or outfits (even just to an Instagram fall-back). I’m not really sure why either, just feeling blah about it all.

But today I am going to attempt a short and sweet post for Night Out.

A happy coincidence meant that Man Piece and I actually did have a night out this week to Empire, which is currently showing in Wellington. (It’s like the circus meets burlesque, with a whole heap of funny thrown in there. Definitely worth going to.)

We had a bit of food at Mac’s Brewbar…


Then indulged in a bit of a show…


(All the sticks are balanced carefully on his head.)

And I managed to get Man Piece to get a picture of my outfit…


Tunic: Farmers
Leggings: ASOS
Cardigan: City Chic
Boots: Ziera
Necklace: Not sure where from, but was picked up in Rome by the MIL

Make sure you check out the other AC ladies’ outfits for Night Out below.

Short and sweet. Done.


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