Weird dreams and domestic goddess win.

Oh hai!

I have been mysteriously absent.

I did not mean to be, but I’m hoping now that I am set up in Wellington that there will be more regular blog posts. And hopefully I will start to meet my goal of a blog a day again. I guess I just needed a break after everything that has happened this year.

I hope to try and catch up on a few blog posts. I have an idea for a few ranty thoughts or just general thoughts that I think you’ll all find interesting, or I at least hope you would.

Today’s post though, is about my dream last night and my new status as domestic goddess.

In my dream last night, I essentially spazzed out. I completely broke and started yelling at everyone around me. The funny thing was that everyone around me was the Glee cast.


There was also this bit that after I had spazzed, I was driving around trying to find a Mitre 10 or The Warehouse and I could see Mitre 10, but I couldn’t seem to find the road that got me to Mitre 10, so I ended up settling for going to The Warehouse for what I needed.

But it was kind of the same thing, I struggled to find the entrance. I found it eventually and got lost in the store. But then my parents turned up trying to convince me to leave or helping me find what I needed, which was a set of plastic draws. I honestly don’t know.

I found a set that was adequate for what I wanted. Which was to just pack up a whole heap of school notes etc. and went to buy it, but struggled to find the checkout.

In trying to find the checkout, Man Piece popped up, but I kind of ignored him and carried on with what I was doing and he just started following me.

Once I got there I found I had forgotten my wallet, so I put the draws down and left to go find my car and get my wallet. But in the process Mum and Dad offered to pay and so did Man Piece.

But I was already gone, trying to find my car, which I couldn’t find. I had forgotten where I parked it.

Which is when I broke down in tears and Man Piece came to comfort me.

So yeah, weird dream was weird. I can see some parallels to my life currently popping up, but I would actually like to know what it all means. And why I keep having bat shit crazy dreams.

After I had gotten over that, I became the #geekflat domestic goddess. I made pumpkin, kumera and peanut soup and fudge. I didn’t get around to making brownies because the soup actually took a long time. Totally worth it though. Man Piece and I ate it with some artisan par-baked bread which I had finished off in the oven. So delicious. And there’s left overs for lunches and possibly another meal. Win.

In other news, I also have a job interview tomorrow. I’m not saying too much now, but I will keep you all posted with developments.

Today has been a day of winning for me. I like these days. They make me feel so much better in myself.
Except I did cut my finger on the sweetened condensed milk can while I was scraping the leftover stuff on the side to eat. That was a bit of a fail. Now my finger hurts and I can’t bend it.

Oh well. We move on.

Today has been all over the place.

I only woke up at 1pm today. I did not mean for that to happen, but I just did. Guess I must’ve needed the sleep.

I had a pretty disturbing dream last night. It’s still running through my mind.

I was kidnapped and sexually abused. People kept trying to find me, but couldn’t get me away from my captor.

Whoever it was, they finally released me, but they found me again once I had gotten back to my life. They became part of it. I finally managed to gather the strength to tell someone about it, to get them out of my life again. But the torment just kept happening and nothing seemed to get done about it.

I was extremely disturbed at this dream. I’ve never had a dream like this before. It left me on edge and wondering what it all meant. What exactly was my sub-conscious trying to process?

I remember being so frustrated in the dream about not being able to escape or get what needed to be said out.

Anyway, after I managed to get the disturbed feeling to go away, I took Mother into town again. She wanted to go shopping.

It paid off because she bought me a couple of tops that I can wear to work, when I get a job.

I also bought a new dress and some stockings from Farmers with a gift card I got for my birthday.

Yay new stockings!

I had pancakes for dinner, with lemon and sugar. Lemon off our tree too! Nice and fresh. It made me feel better having brinner, because I needed some sugary goodness because some people can be so cruel.

Another thing – how can people be so cruel to people they don’t know? You just form an opinion of a person without even talking to them. Or poke your nose in where it doesn’t belong and is unwanted. What is wrong with the human race?

I guess it comes back to the old adage of some people just need to be shot.

I get older, spend all my money, get a bit drunk, hate shoes and phone survives beer.

It was my birthday. I turned 24. I feel old.


I can officially say I am in my mid-twenties.

But all-in-all, yesterday was a good day. One of the better birthdays I have had in recent years.

I got to sleep in. Then when I got up, I watched Big Bang Theory (I am addicted, don’t judge me).

I decided to go into town (this day is so thrilling, is it not? Trust me it gets better, but currently I’m in that semi-hungover/lack of sleep tired/soreness, so the brain is not responding how I want it to.)

And I wandered. Yes, wandered. With no real purpose.

I then got to City Chic (aforementioned new favourite store). I bought a purdy dress. It’s actually quite hawt.

By this time I was on Lambton Quay, so continued walking. I was also on the search for a new handbag. I’ve been in a handbag funk of late. I just haven’t been happy with the handbag I’ve been using since the one I had been using broke, so I had to find another one.

I have finally found one! It’s pretty awesome. Can either have it with short shoulder handles or a long kind of satchel handle. I think it is going to suit me for a long time.

So after making those two successful purchases, I was done with my shopping, so made a surprise visit to Man Piece, then headed back to #geekflat, in the rain. *sigh*

I started getting ready for a night out on the town, because not only was it my birthday, it was St Patrick’s Day!


So I donned my new purdy dress and straightened my hair, put make-up on etc etc, all those annoying girly conventions that you are expected to do partake in when going out drinking for a night.

Apparently you need to look pretty.

I also made a sensible decision with shoes to wear and I still got fucked over. Stupid heels.

I decided to wear my flat pulp shoes – heels, yet easy to walk around in, especially down a hill. I even planned ahead and bought some of those Scholl gel pads for heels and spots for other areas that rub. I thought I had it all, alas my feet were still fucked.

I has blisters all over my feet. Unfair. Stupid shoes.

I am now going to stick to nothing but jandles. They are awesome and do not cause blisters on my feet. I officially give up on shoes. I cannot walk in heels down hill, or just long distances and flats tend to rub the shit out of my feet.


The female sex is going to disown me. Sad face.

Anyway, had a few drinks at The Bruhaus with twitter people. Twas lolz. My iPhone also managed to survive a beer spillage. There is nothing wrong with it. It has come through the alcohol drowning unscathed.


Then Man Piece and I caught a taxi home, because seriously, fuck walking. I could no longer feel my toes.

Man Piece then got us pizza. He’s such a good provider.

And we proceeded to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory.

Was a good birthday. I got lots of birthday wishes from various friends on twitter and facebook, which is even better than getting stupid presents that you don’t want, because at least you know people care.

That’s what counts and what I care about. But mostly, I had fun, which I haven’t had on my birthday for a number of years. I’d like to attribute Man Piece to that. ❤

My life is awkward and ridiculous.

I was just thinking, what have I done today and Today by The Smashing Pumpkins jumped into my head.

“Today is the greatest, day I’ve ever known.”

How random.

Today has been another fairly typical day in my mundane life. The one where I don’t have a job and basically have nothing to do.

I got up. Showered. The usual. Keeping in the usual style, it was around midday that I got up. I wrote my articles, watched some Big Bang Theory, because that is my latest obsession. It helps that Man Piece has them all and they are only 20 minutes long. Supermarket, more Big Bang Theory. Then I got ready and went and met Man Piece for dinner at Little India.

In a stupendously awkward event, as I was walking down Cuba St, my pantyhose decided to slide down. This has never happened to me before. It was quite disconcerting. They slipped down so much I thought if I had not held them in place, they would have eventually ended up around my ankles.


I think I might stick to leggings from now on.

Got the problem sorted when I got to the bathroom at the restaurant. I rolled them into my underwear. So awkward and ridiculous, it is only something that could possibly happen to me. Because apparently my life is not awkward and ridiculous enough already.

We then headed back to #geekflat, where I struggled to get up the hill, as I do. I hate hills. They are an invention of the devil.

The evening has been pretty relaxed. I have just being doing general internetty things, watching more Big Bang Theory and attempting to write some cover letters. I have looked at what is new too and I found the most perfect job for me.

I’m applying tomorrow.

I think that is enough mundaneness for zee night.


Oh, and Happy St Patrick’s Day! (Even though I shall mention it in *technically* tomorrow’s post, it’s after 12, so it is technically St Paddies Day right now. I’m gonna get my drink on! Weeee!)

I hate bugs, buggy bug bugs. *shudder*

Bugs. I hate bugs. They’re creepy and crawly and like to bite you and generally fuck you off.

It has been rather hot and humid at night this week and I have been leaving my windows open to allow a bit of air flow through my room.


I had bugs buzzing in my ears, crawling on me and just generally trying to eat me. *shudder* I was actually too scared to sleep. Ended up turning my light on, which actually helped. The idea was they would be attracted to the light and leave me alone.

I was partly right. Whenever I seemed to turn off the light to try and sleep, bugs would come at me. One actually dive-bombed me.


I had my jandal at the ready though and squished that bugger. Then scrapped it off my jandal and put it in the bin. Good riddance.

However, the thing with bugs (particularly when you throw them across the room in a fit of panic when you feel them crawling on you), they tend to come at you again at a later point in time.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying myself (yes TMI, go with it), when I discovered the bug I had thrown across my room in the middle of the night had, in fact, landed on my towel and had been chillin’ there while I dried myself.

<insert stream of loud profanities>

I managed to shake it off my towel and smooshed it with a shampoo bottle. I’m so kind to creatures aren’t I?

But seriously, it was this big, black, long, crustacean looking bug. It actually went crunch. Oh, and did I mention the pincers?


I have no idea what it was, but we seem to be getting them a lot around here this summer. I’m going to believe that they are a form of beetle (just to ease my mind. I really don’t want to know what they are, because I keep finding them on me in the middle of the night, when my windows are open)


Anyway… enough about bugs. Events of the day included being told by the Doctor I am, in fact, still crazy; two job rejections; one phone call for a possibly unpaid writing gig and finding a whole heap of jobs to apply for in Wellington. Of which I have applied for a total of one.

I was also motivated into writing a bit about politics after watching the news, so I think there will be a politics blog coming very soon. I have all the ideas of things to do and feel I don’t have enough time to do them.

I will do them though, because they’re all awesome ideas and well, I am awesome (I’m not biased, people have told me this. Totes legit.)