I get older, spend all my money, get a bit drunk, hate shoes and phone survives beer.

It was my birthday. I turned 24. I feel old.


I can officially say I am in my mid-twenties.

But all-in-all, yesterday was a good day. One of the better birthdays I have had in recent years.

I got to sleep in. Then when I got up, I watched Big Bang Theory (I am addicted, don’t judge me).

I decided to go into town (this day is so thrilling, is it not? Trust me it gets better, but currently I’m in that semi-hungover/lack of sleep tired/soreness, so the brain is not responding how I want it to.)

And I wandered. Yes, wandered. With no real purpose.

I then got to City Chic (aforementioned new favourite store). I bought a purdy dress. It’s actually quite hawt.

By this time I was on Lambton Quay, so continued walking. I was also on the search for a new handbag. I’ve been in a handbag funk of late. I just haven’t been happy with the handbag I’ve been using since the one I had been using broke, so I had to find another one.

I have finally found one! It’s pretty awesome. Can either have it with short shoulder handles or a long kind of satchel handle. I think it is going to suit me for a long time.

So after making those two successful purchases, I was done with my shopping, so made a surprise visit to Man Piece, then headed back to #geekflat, in the rain. *sigh*

I started getting ready for a night out on the town, because not only was it my birthday, it was St Patrick’s Day!


So I donned my new purdy dress and straightened my hair, put make-up on etc etc, all those annoying girly conventions that you are expected to do partake in when going out drinking for a night.

Apparently you need to look pretty.

I also made a sensible decision with shoes to wear and I still got fucked over. Stupid heels.

I decided to wear my flat pulp shoes – heels, yet easy to walk around in, especially down a hill. I even planned ahead and bought some of those Scholl gel pads for heels and spots for other areas that rub. I thought I had it all, alas my feet were still fucked.

I has blisters all over my feet. Unfair. Stupid shoes.

I am now going to stick to nothing but jandles. They are awesome and do not cause blisters on my feet. I officially give up on shoes. I cannot walk in heels down hill, or just long distances and flats tend to rub the shit out of my feet.


The female sex is going to disown me. Sad face.

Anyway, had a few drinks at The Bruhaus with twitter people. Twas lolz. My iPhone also managed to survive a beer spillage. There is nothing wrong with it. It has come through the alcohol drowning unscathed.


Then Man Piece and I caught a taxi home, because seriously, fuck walking. I could no longer feel my toes.

Man Piece then got us pizza. He’s such a good provider.

And we proceeded to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory.

Was a good birthday. I got lots of birthday wishes from various friends on twitter and facebook, which is even better than getting stupid presents that you don’t want, because at least you know people care.

That’s what counts and what I care about. But mostly, I had fun, which I haven’t had on my birthday for a number of years. I’d like to attribute Man Piece to that. ❤