Weird dreams and domestic goddess win.

Oh hai!

I have been mysteriously absent.

I did not mean to be, but I’m hoping now that I am set up in Wellington that there will be more regular blog posts. And hopefully I will start to meet my goal of a blog a day again. I guess I just needed a break after everything that has happened this year.

I hope to try and catch up on a few blog posts. I have an idea for a few ranty thoughts or just general thoughts that I think you’ll all find interesting, or I at least hope you would.

Today’s post though, is about my dream last night and my new status as domestic goddess.

In my dream last night, I essentially spazzed out. I completely broke and started yelling at everyone around me. The funny thing was that everyone around me was the Glee cast.


There was also this bit that after I had spazzed, I was driving around trying to find a Mitre 10 or The Warehouse and I could see Mitre 10, but I couldn’t seem to find the road that got me to Mitre 10, so I ended up settling for going to The Warehouse for what I needed.

But it was kind of the same thing, I struggled to find the entrance. I found it eventually and got lost in the store. But then my parents turned up trying to convince me to leave or helping me find what I needed, which was a set of plastic draws. I honestly don’t know.

I found a set that was adequate for what I wanted. Which was to just pack up a whole heap of school notes etc. and went to buy it, but struggled to find the checkout.

In trying to find the checkout, Man Piece popped up, but I kind of ignored him and carried on with what I was doing and he just started following me.

Once I got there I found I had forgotten my wallet, so I put the draws down and left to go find my car and get my wallet. But in the process Mum and Dad offered to pay and so did Man Piece.

But I was already gone, trying to find my car, which I couldn’t find. I had forgotten where I parked it.

Which is when I broke down in tears and Man Piece came to comfort me.

So yeah, weird dream was weird. I can see some parallels to my life currently popping up, but I would actually like to know what it all means. And why I keep having bat shit crazy dreams.

After I had gotten over that, I became the #geekflat domestic goddess. I made pumpkin, kumera and peanut soup and fudge. I didn’t get around to making brownies because the soup actually took a long time. Totally worth it though. Man Piece and I ate it with some artisan par-baked bread which I had finished off in the oven. So delicious. And there’s left overs for lunches and possibly another meal. Win.

In other news, I also have a job interview tomorrow. I’m not saying too much now, but I will keep you all posted with developments.

Today has been a day of winning for me. I like these days. They make me feel so much better in myself.
Except I did cut my finger on the sweetened condensed milk can while I was scraping the leftover stuff on the side to eat. That was a bit of a fail. Now my finger hurts and I can’t bend it.

Oh well. We move on.

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  1. "Man Piece popped up, but I kind of ignored him and carried on with what I was doing and he just started following me."Sounds like my real life as well :-PYummy food BTW 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

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