I hate bugs, buggy bug bugs. *shudder*

Bugs. I hate bugs. They’re creepy and crawly and like to bite you and generally fuck you off.

It has been rather hot and humid at night this week and I have been leaving my windows open to allow a bit of air flow through my room.


I had bugs buzzing in my ears, crawling on me and just generally trying to eat me. *shudder* I was actually too scared to sleep. Ended up turning my light on, which actually helped. The idea was they would be attracted to the light and leave me alone.

I was partly right. Whenever I seemed to turn off the light to try and sleep, bugs would come at me. One actually dive-bombed me.


I had my jandal at the ready though and squished that bugger. Then scrapped it off my jandal and put it in the bin. Good riddance.

However, the thing with bugs (particularly when you throw them across the room in a fit of panic when you feel them crawling on you), they tend to come at you again at a later point in time.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying myself (yes TMI, go with it), when I discovered the bug I had thrown across my room in the middle of the night had, in fact, landed on my towel and had been chillin’ there while I dried myself.

<insert stream of loud profanities>

I managed to shake it off my towel and smooshed it with a shampoo bottle. I’m so kind to creatures aren’t I?

But seriously, it was this big, black, long, crustacean looking bug. It actually went crunch. Oh, and did I mention the pincers?


I have no idea what it was, but we seem to be getting them a lot around here this summer. I’m going to believe that they are a form of beetle (just to ease my mind. I really don’t want to know what they are, because I keep finding them on me in the middle of the night, when my windows are open)


Anyway… enough about bugs. Events of the day included being told by the Doctor I am, in fact, still crazy; two job rejections; one phone call for a possibly unpaid writing gig and finding a whole heap of jobs to apply for in Wellington. Of which I have applied for a total of one.

I was also motivated into writing a bit about politics after watching the news, so I think there will be a politics blog coming very soon. I have all the ideas of things to do and feel I don’t have enough time to do them.

I will do them though, because they’re all awesome ideas and well, I am awesome (I’m not biased, people have told me this. Totes legit.)