Today has been all over the place.

I only woke up at 1pm today. I did not mean for that to happen, but I just did. Guess I must’ve needed the sleep.

I had a pretty disturbing dream last night. It’s still running through my mind.

I was kidnapped and sexually abused. People kept trying to find me, but couldn’t get me away from my captor.

Whoever it was, they finally released me, but they found me again once I had gotten back to my life. They became part of it. I finally managed to gather the strength to tell someone about it, to get them out of my life again. But the torment just kept happening and nothing seemed to get done about it.

I was extremely disturbed at this dream. I’ve never had a dream like this before. It left me on edge and wondering what it all meant. What exactly was my sub-conscious trying to process?

I remember being so frustrated in the dream about not being able to escape or get what needed to be said out.

Anyway, after I managed to get the disturbed feeling to go away, I took Mother into town again. She wanted to go shopping.

It paid off because she bought me a couple of tops that I can wear to work, when I get a job.

I also bought a new dress and some stockings from Farmers with a gift card I got for my birthday.

Yay new stockings!

I had pancakes for dinner, with lemon and sugar. Lemon off our tree too! Nice and fresh. It made me feel better having brinner, because I needed some sugary goodness because some people can be so cruel.

Another thing – how can people be so cruel to people they don’t know? You just form an opinion of a person without even talking to them. Or poke your nose in where it doesn’t belong and is unwanted. What is wrong with the human race?

I guess it comes back to the old adage of some people just need to be shot.