My life is awkward and ridiculous.

I was just thinking, what have I done today and Today by The Smashing Pumpkins jumped into my head.

“Today is the greatest, day I’ve ever known.”

How random.

Today has been another fairly typical day in my mundane life. The one where I don’t have a job and basically have nothing to do.

I got up. Showered. The usual. Keeping in the usual style, it was around midday that I got up. I wrote my articles, watched some Big Bang Theory, because that is my latest obsession. It helps that Man Piece has them all and they are only 20 minutes long. Supermarket, more Big Bang Theory. Then I got ready and went and met Man Piece for dinner at Little India.

In a stupendously awkward event, as I was walking down Cuba St, my pantyhose decided to slide down. This has never happened to me before. It was quite disconcerting. They slipped down so much I thought if I had not held them in place, they would have eventually ended up around my ankles.


I think I might stick to leggings from now on.

Got the problem sorted when I got to the bathroom at the restaurant. I rolled them into my underwear. So awkward and ridiculous, it is only something that could possibly happen to me. Because apparently my life is not awkward and ridiculous enough already.

We then headed back to #geekflat, where I struggled to get up the hill, as I do. I hate hills. They are an invention of the devil.

The evening has been pretty relaxed. I have just being doing general internetty things, watching more Big Bang Theory and attempting to write some cover letters. I have looked at what is new too and I found the most perfect job for me.

I’m applying tomorrow.

I think that is enough mundaneness for zee night.


Oh, and Happy St Patrick’s Day! (Even though I shall mention it in *technically* tomorrow’s post, it’s after 12, so it is technically St Paddies Day right now. I’m gonna get my drink on! Weeee!)