What is my life?

Today, I slept till just after 12.

I then ate a cupcake. Did some work and fell a sleep again.

I woke up about 3. I ate half a packet of cheese and bacon skofs and finished the rest of my work.

I then ate an entire tube of those cadbury caramellow tiny eggs.

Showered and went a picked up Man Piece so we could go to the supermarket.

I’m now watching Doctor Who.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more interesting to tell you. But this is my life.


Some of you would think THIS IS THE LIFE. You’re so jealous.

Yeah, it was alright at first, but now I am bored out of my brains. I have nothing to do and my life is rather super boring.

I’m a broken record. Wah wah wah.

I would much rather be working.

Welcome back emo Lisa! Normal Lisa wonders how long you’re here to stay. Please inform, so I can plan accordingly.

*resigns for the night to snuggle on the couch and watch Doctor Who*

Oh, and it’s cold.

And windy.

When you see the street signs and traffic lights moving absurd amounts because of the wind, it’s windy. I don’t care what you Wellingtonians say. That is WINDY.

The only awesome in the post is the title. See? It’s awesome.

I really don’t have anything to say today. Once again I have had no awesome thoughts and the day has been really mundane.

I went into town and it was hectic. The supermarket is only closed for one day people! Why do you need to all go today? Go on your usual day or, if your usual day is Friday – plan ahead. You know every year the supermarket is going to be closed on Good Friday.

Rant over.

As I have nothing else to say, because I’ve done nothing. This is the ‘unemployed’ part of my life. I’m going to leave you with some pretty pictures I have taken while doing my photography course.

And this is me and my gorgeous boyfriend. *waits as his head expands close to explosion*

Here’s a picture of a kitteh boom.

I don’t know what to write today. I honestly haven’t done anything.

I woke up late because my flu jab really got to me, although am feeling better.

Mostly I lay in bed, then showered and picked Mother up from work.

I did get two pieces of *AWESOME* mail today.

From WINZ: “Your benefit is about to be cut off.”

From IRD: “This is how much you owe us – $XX,XXX.XX.”

See? I told you it was awesome.

Although I’m pleased to know I did actually pay some back while I was working.


I’m going to go do some photography work and possibly watching Harry Potter 7 part 1.

As I have nothing of consequence AT ALL to tell you, I’m going to leave you a picture of a kitteh boom.

You no longer interest me.

And another!

Rub ma belleh!

Start the engines! Let’s blow this gin joint!


Master of the written rant, I am, I am.

I really don’t know what to write about today. I feel I’ve done nothing, yet I have done quite a bit. It’s just one of those weird blah days that just passes you by and you can’t remember what you did.

So let’s see how good my ranting is.

So I had a doctor’s appointment today. Just to get some more medication so I don’t go crazy or die. I kind of like being not crazy and living, yanno. Contrary to what I say sometimes.

But while I was there, the doc mentioned I should get my flu jab. *groan*

I hate needles.

I had it anyway, but now I feel all gross. I had a headache, but had some panadol and that has disappeared, but I’m still running a temperature and my entire body is aching. Basically – BLERG.

At least this means I hopefully won’t get the flu, although I’m still susceptible to colds. So as long as I eat well, exercise, get plenty of time outside, keep warm, wash my hands and essentially stay away from anyone who is sick,  I should be fine.

After the dreaded injection, I really needed food so me being a bit of a fatty and addict, I went to BK and got BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. They were amazing.

However, I noticed today they had mayonnaise in them. I can’t ever remember them putting mayo in before. Have they just started adding it recently? Was it a mistake? Or have I been getting incorrect burgers all these years?

I had to wait around town after all this to pick Mother up from work, as she still can’t drive. When I got home, I crawled back into bed. Best place when you’re feeling yuck. Plus it’s comfy and warm. Whereas outside is cold. There’s snow on the ranges in Hawke’s Bay and the wind always blows off them, so naturally it’s cold wind. Awesome.

Had to fend for myself for dinner tonight as Mother and Father were having left-overs. One, there wasn’t enough for three people and Two, once reheated the pork smelled foul. I really can’t stand the smell of reheated meat. It’s disgusting.

Cooking it from raw is fine, but the act of reheating it just makes my nostrils cringe and my stomach churn.

So I made pizza and it was amazing. Pretty sure it was a better pizza than what Man Piece makes.

Wanna see a picture?

I’m gonna show you a picture, because this pizza was fucking delicious. (Me swearing shows how serious I am. Seriously.)


Did I mention it has NO MEAT WHATSOEVER?

Yeah, Man Piece would be so proud. (Secretly I think he’s rubbing off on me.)

After dinner I finally finished the photography module I had been working on. The weather over the weekend made it difficult to get things right as I was working with exposure and lighting. One day it was overcast and I couldn’t do one part, the next it was bright light and I couldn’t do the other. Way to be bi-polar, weather.

Anyway I got it done and I’m really starting to know my way around my camera.

I’ve submitted it and got the next one, so that is tomorrow’s job. Along with doing some job applications, because I have a few to do.

So how was that for ranting? Did I do a good job?

I might try and sleep now, as it is just after 1am and I’ve been yawning for the last half hour. I really should sort out my sleep pattern.


The quake unnerved me. Unusual.

Just had an earthquake.

Being reported as 6.6, off the coast. It was a little bit fun. Just cause I like quakes, but it was unnerving at the same time.

Having grown up in Hastings, we had it drilled into us to be prepared for “the big one”. My own Grandfather survived the 1931 quakes.

I had a moment where I froze, waiting to see if it would get bigger and whether I actually needed to get up. You kind of learn when and when not to get up over the years.

It was unnerving in the sense that at first I thought it was the usual creaky house in the wind. Then I saw my clothes in the wardrobe moving and my door swinging. It felt like it went on for about 30 seconds or so.

An earthquake has never really unnerved me before, as I said, I kind of like them. But I think it’s a bit more unnerving, because after Christchurch and growing up expecting a big one in Hawke’s Bay, every quake you feel here now you think, “Is this it?”

I guess I can kind of start to understand what people in Christchurch are going through, but at the same time, I know I am nowhere near understanding unless I’m there myself.

Anyway, I just needed something to write about today, because I’ve sat in bed all day doing nothing. Unless napping is something? I applied for a job though, that counts. In my usual style, I managed to rant. I have a very high skill when it comes to ranting.

Time for sleeps, it’s 2am.