Here’s a picture of a kitteh boom.

I don’t know what to write today. I honestly haven’t done anything.

I woke up late because my flu jab really got to me, although am feeling better.

Mostly I lay in bed, then showered and picked Mother up from work.

I did get two pieces of *AWESOME* mail today.

From WINZ: “Your benefit is about to be cut off.”

From IRD: “This is how much you owe us – $XX,XXX.XX.”

See? I told you it was awesome.

Although I’m pleased to know I did actually pay some back while I was working.


I’m going to go do some photography work and possibly watching Harry Potter 7 part 1.

As I have nothing of consequence AT ALL to tell you, I’m going to leave you a picture of a kitteh boom.

You no longer interest me.

And another!

Rub ma belleh!

Start the engines! Let’s blow this gin joint!