The quake unnerved me. Unusual.

Just had an earthquake.

Being reported as 6.6, off the coast. It was a little bit fun. Just cause I like quakes, but it was unnerving at the same time.

Having grown up in Hastings, we had it drilled into us to be prepared for “the big one”. My own Grandfather survived the 1931 quakes.

I had a moment where I froze, waiting to see if it would get bigger and whether I actually needed to get up. You kind of learn when and when not to get up over the years.

It was unnerving in the sense that at first I thought it was the usual creaky house in the wind. Then I saw my clothes in the wardrobe moving and my door swinging. It felt like it went on for about 30 seconds or so.

An earthquake has never really unnerved me before, as I said, I kind of like them. But I think it’s a bit more unnerving, because after Christchurch and growing up expecting a big one in Hawke’s Bay, every quake you feel here now you think, “Is this it?”

I guess I can kind of start to understand what people in Christchurch are going through, but at the same time, I know I am nowhere near understanding unless I’m there myself.

Anyway, I just needed something to write about today, because I’ve sat in bed all day doing nothing. Unless napping is something? I applied for a job though, that counts. In my usual style, I managed to rant. I have a very high skill when it comes to ranting.

Time for sleeps, it’s 2am.

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