Ducks are cool: Ezibuy Sara spray jacket

I was sitting in my hot, humid Sydney apartment a few months ago just cruising the internet when I got an email.

It was a marketing email from Ezibuy offering 20% off until midnight. I don’t even really know why I opened it. I hadn’t really opened an Ezibuy email in about 18 months, around the same time I had last looked at the website and what they were selling. I used to own a lot of clothes from Ezibuy, but when I moved to Australia, I guess I kind of just went off them.

So I decided to peruse the website to see what they had to offer in plus size brands. I was quite impressed. There were definitely a few things that I liked, but nothing that really shouted ‘BUY ME NOW’. Until I came across the Sara Spray Jacket in Black Duck.


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