Man Piece and his special-ness.

Lately Man Piece has been coming out with a few gems. Although they tend to be a little scary in thought, they are quite hilarious.

1. “You only married me for my looks, aye babe?”

2. “Snagglepuff* is an important member of our family.”

3. In an IM conversation:
Man Piece:
Me: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #omgcheese
Man Piece: #omgindeed WE WOULD HAVE THE CUTEST BABIES #omgnotclucky

As you can see, there is need for consternation.

I probably should say, we are not married, or will be in the near future, or have any kind of sprogs on the way. No. No. No.

Apart from Snagglepuff, who is apparently my adopted child who I’m not allowed to touch.

*Snagglepuff is his laptop.

2 thoughts on “Man Piece and his special-ness.

  1. Oh no, people will read this and think I'm some kind of internet wackjob!It's not fair to warn them instead of letting them find this out on their own 😛

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