New music that I’m loving right now.

There are a few songs that I’m really getting into lately, so I thought I would share them with you all.

First up is Demi Lovato. Now she’s been going through a bit of stuff lately, with a trip to rehab and making it public that she has cut her self in the past. She is absolutely amazing for doing that. It proves that she has some serious internal strength.

Now that she is back on the road to recovery, she has released a new single, “Skyscraper”. It is so raw with emotion, I absolutely love it. It will likely be one of those songs that I listen to for years to come. She has said that she recorded the song before she entered rehab and once she came out tried again, but it didn’t have the same emotion it had the first time. Hopefully, now that she’s all better, she won’t lose the ability to sing that way.

Second is Jessie J with her single “Price Tag”. I first heard this on a very rare occasion that I was listening to the radio. I immediately got it stuck in my head. I see it been one of those big hits – which it is, it’s already been at number one here in New Zealand – but not being one that hangs around. It’ll be one of those songs that when you hear it playing somewhere like a club in a few years time, you’ll recognise it and remember that you loved this song and be able to sing along to it.

It might even be a one-hit wonder for her to. I’m not really digging her other singles. So, for me, it’s a ‘I like this song, but don’t really like her as an artist’.

Lady Gaga. She has a new album and I have blogged about her new stuff before. However, when I got her new album, it just didn’t really do anything for me, so I stopped listening to it. But lately, I’ve been hearing more of the songs off the album and it is really starting to grow on me. Her first album, Monster, was one that you liked straight way, but Born This Way is one of those albums you need to spend some time listening to and it will eventually grow on you. The one that really secured it for me was “The Edge Of Glory”. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I’ve been hearing it around more and more and it has since grown on me.

That’s all! Hope you enjoy. What are you listening to lately?