Dressember: day 13.

Today I publish early, lucky you!

Today we have our work do and are going to the races, so we all got dressed up a little bit.

This is my dress that I wore for both of my graduations. A perfect LBD. Paired it with my new necklace from Once It, which is a french chocolate box and you can change the print you want in it! Also with a feathery headband as a fascinator and a strechy headband on my wrist, cause it looks better there and what has now been described as my “disco ball” ring. Lastly, a pair of heels. I figured I would be wearing them most of the day so wore my most comfortable ones – wedges.

Things to note, you can’t see that I’m actually wearing leggings, can you? I’m sneaky like that. You also can’t see that I have a massive hair clip keeping my dress in place by attaching it to my bra. Total win. The dress gets quite boobalicious otherwise. Hell, it is still rather boobalicious now.

You wouldn’t tell I had also straightened my hair, either, would you? Damn wind and rain. CURSE YOU AND MY ONCE PRETTY HAIR.

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